Top 10 Best Tumble Dryers in the UK

Buying a dryer machine can be nerve-racking, especially when there are so many different brands and models to choose from. This makes it difficult to find the right machine that meets your needs. But the good news is, we’ve taken the time to research the market, and have uncovered the top 10 best tumble dryers in the UK.

Below are our reviews of the top 10 best tumble dryer machines.

Last updated: January 23rd, 2017.



Product Name


Our favourite tumble dryer in 2017

  White Knight WK44AW

A strong and powerful tumble dryer that gives you value for money.


The runner-up

  White Knight 37AW

A great tumble dryer for small spaces.


Our number 3

  White Knight WK38AW

One of the best tumble dryers with wheels.


1. White Knight WK44AW – best tumble dryer in the UK in 2017

This is a strong and powerful tumble dryer that gives you value for money. The White Knight WK44AW is a simple machine, and is very easy to operate. The design is almost perfect; it’s very nicely built.

The simple timer dial feature that comes with this machine allows you to control the temperature while it’s running. It does not make a loud noise like most tumbler dryers out there in the market. It’s so quiet that you will easily forget it’s running when in use.

Due to its strength and large size, it has the capacity to take a lot of clothes, and can dry up to 6kg of clothes within a short amount of time.

Another wonderful quality of the White Knight WK44AW is that when it’s set up and running, the clothes don’t become excessively hot like in most tumble dryers. The benefit of this feature is that the machine utilises less electricity. This is especially beneficial to people who would like to use the White Knight WK44AW tumble dryer for more fragile clothes.

The drum feature is spacious enough to accommodate lots of clothes at once instead of drying them in chunks.

One of the most crucial features of a tumble dryer is the filter, and it usually needs regular cleaning. This can become a tedious work particularly if the filter is located in a difficult to access part of the appliance. Fortunately, the filter in this model can easily be accessed for regular cleaning without breaking a sweat. So if you’re looking for the best inexpensive tumble dryer in the UK this year, this is one of them.

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2. White Knight 37AW – best tumble dryer for small spaces

This is another product by White Knight, one of the leading manufacturers of tumble dryers in the United Kingdom. There’s a reason White Knight dryers are so popular—they are durable and are available in different models designed for the specific needs of different households.

The White Knight 37AW is a strong tumble dryer with dimensions of 47 x 50 x 67 cm. This makes it an ideal dryer for people with less space in their house.

This machine is very easy to operate. Even if you’ve never used a tumble dryer before, you’ll be able to manoeuvre it and know what to do when you find yourself in front of it for the first time.

The White Knight 37AW is a front loading tumble dryer. A catch is integrated into the door system that allows you to flip it open effortlessly. When you’re drying your laundry in this machine, the door stays unlocked. This makes it easy for you to open the appliance to check the progress of your laundry without interfering with the operation.

In other words, the machine stops running automatically when the door is opened, and restarts again when the door is closed. This doesn’t affect the progress of operation. This is one of the main unique selling points that helped propelled this model into our list of the top 10 best tumble dryers in the UK.

Two simple control buttons are located at the main front of the White Knight 37AW tumble dryer machine. The button on the left side gives you absolute control over the amount of time that the machine runs for. The maximum time is 120 minutes, but you don’t need to run the machine for that long to get your laundry done. 30-40 minutes is enough to get the job done.

The control button on the right side is a turnover switch that allows you to select between a cool or hot cycle of operation. The cooler setting helps prevent your clothes from shrinking. The hot setting is perfect for drying sheets and towels.

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3. White Knight WK38AW – best tumble dryer with wheels in the UK

The White Knight WK38AW is one of the most inexpensive tumble dryers in the UK. Besides being affordable, it also has amazing features with incredible benefits just like the most expensive tumble dryers in the market today.

This model is a reverse tumble dryer that has the capacity to hold loads up to 3kg. Similar to the above model, two control buttons are integrated on this machine and they serve the same functionalities as the White Knight 37AW.

The White Knight WK38AW can be moved easily from one place to another as a result of its mobility wheels. In addition to the mobile wheels, the size also makes it a perfect dryer for someone living alone or a person living in a small flat. This machine has a reverse action feature that helps remove wrinkles from delicate clothes.

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4. White Knight C44A7B 7kg reversing vented tumble dryer

If you want to stand out among users of dryer machines, go for this model. Unlike most tumble dryers that come in white colours, this one is black. It is strong, energy efficient and durable with lots of drying options.

The White Knight C44A7B is very easy to operate, less noisy than most tumble dryers out there, and dries clothes with fewer creases on them.

Clothes that are dried using this machine require minimal ironing because of the few creases created on the clothes.

The drum feature in this model is large enough that it can hold a whole family’s load in one operation, and will dry the clothes incredibly well. It’s also very quiet when running.

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5. Hotpoint FETC70CP 7kg Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer

Do you have a small space at home, and need a tumble dryer that doesn’t require ventilation? If so, the Hotpoint FETC70CP is the perfect machine for you.

The size of this dryer makes it an ideal machine for people with little space at home. It comes with a big drum that can hold the full contents from a washing machine at once. Even when you fill it up, it dries clothes quickly.

A condenser is located at the top of this tumble dryer which facilitates the emptying of the used water. This feature puts an end to bending down in order to get rid of the used water in the machine.

The Hotpoint FETC70CP tumble dryer is energy efficient. It comes with a LED indicator that shows you the operation mode of the machine, and helps you have complete control over the dryer.

The dryer’s 7kg drum capacity is big enough to hold the full contents of a washing machine at once. Synthetic and cotton drying programmes are valuable features that help you protect clothes that require special care.

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6. Beko DC7112W 7kg Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer

The Beko DC7112WK is one of the best tumble dryers in the UK. It’s a 7 kg capacity machine, and is strong and energy efficient. It’s very easy to operate and gets lots of drying done within a short period of time.

Unlike most dryer machines in the market today, the Beko DC7112WK runs quietly so that you can concentrate on other household chores while it gets your drying done for you almost silently.

The control buttons that come with this machine are very useful and intuitive. An LED progress indicator is integrated in the control button system to show the progress of operation being set on the machine. The machine will notify you when you need to get the filter cleaned, and when it’s time to empty the water. The filter can be accessed easily for cleaning without breaking a sweat.

The Beko DC7112WK is rated ‘B’ for energy efficiency and has a reverse action drum with eight different types of programmes designed to for various clothing textures and effective drying operation.

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7. Hotpoint Aquarius TVHM80CP Tumble Dryer Vented 8kg Polar

This is another powerful machine by Hotpoint. The Aquarius TVHM80CP tumble dryer is a large appliance with an 8 kg capacity that can hold a very large load. It comes with valuable features designed to make drying your clothes a lot less stressful.

This machine is rated ‘C’ for energy efficiency, comes with two heat setting buttons, nine different programmes, a handy rotary control, and a quiet 69dB noise level. The control buttons are useful for drying various types of clothes.

This appliance is designed to last a decade, regardless of how often you use it. When it comes to running it, you won’t be disappointed because it’s reliable and will deliver any time you need it to get some drying done.

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8. Hoover DNCD813B 8kg Condenser Dryer

The Hoover DNCD813B is a well-built tumble dryer with lots of options for getting your clothes dried. It’s is a strong appliance with amazing features integrated to help make drying a lot satisfying. Quietness is one of the things to look out for when buying a tumble dryer, and this machine is designed to keep noise to a minimum.

This appliance is so easy to operate that even a first time user of it will be able to work it without much trouble. The drum is large enough to accommodate lots of washer loads from your washing machine at once.

Once you choose the appropriate options on the control buttons for drying your clothes, the drying is carried out within a short period of time. The water collector can be accessed and emptied easily.

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9. White Knight C4317WV Integrated 7Kg Vented Dryer in White

This is another great appliance by White Knight. This tumble dryer is made of amazing features that will help make drying clothes a lot more enjoyable.

The White Knight C4317WV is a family-oriented tumble dryer with a 7kg load capacity. It comes with a drying time of up to 140 minutes, two different heat setting options, and a reverse action designed to reduce creasing and tangling.

This powerful dryer has the capacity to handle the load of a standard family with ease without showing a sign of weakness.

The White Knight C4317WV features a fluff filter, a flexible vent hose, a safety interlock, and a final cool down tumble. It’s rated ‘C’ for energy efficiency with an energy consumption of 4.48kWh (kilowatts per hour) per operation cycle.

The large drying capacity, combined with a low level of noise of 62dB, makes this model a perfect tumble dryer for a household.

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10. Russell Hobbs RH7VTD500 7Kg Vented Tumble Dryer

This is a vented tumble dryer with a large 7kg capacity capable of holding several loads of washing at once. The Russell Hobbs RH7VTD500 comes with effective control buttons integrated to offer you options based on the level of dryness you want to achieve.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to have dried clothes that are a little bit damp for easy ironing or have your towels totally dried; this machine has the appropriate function button for your choice.

The integrated fluff filter helps keep the appliance running to its full capacity giving you satisfying drying results. Once the drying in finished, the machine stops automatically and notifies you with a sound.

If you live in a house with a rough floor, this tumble dryer comes with adjustable wheels that will help install the machine perfectly in your chosen space.

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There you have it. Our top 10 best tumble dryers in the United Kingdom. We hope our list has helped you decide which tumble dryer machine meets your needs.


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