Vax V124A Dual V Upright Carpet Washer Review

Vax V124A Dual V Upright Carpet Washer Review

Offers lots of cleaning power for the price, though the build quality could be improved.

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The Vax V124A Dual V Upright is a powerful carpet cleaner with a 1350 watt motor and an upholstery tool. It could be a good option for households looking to get big results for a small price. But how does the Vax V124A perform? Find out in this review.


  • 5 brushes with SpinScrub technology to remove dirt from the carpet
  • Sold with a 6-year guarantee
  • Dual V air path technology
  • Attachment for upholstery and stairs
  • Auto mix system for getting the right mixture of carpet shampoo and water
  • 7 litre clean water tank
  • 3 litre dirty water tank
  • Mains powered with a 9 m cord

Weight: 11 kg
Power: 1350 watts


The Vax V124A Dual V Upright does a great job at making carpets look new again. With a 1350 watt motor, it’s quite powerful, so it offers better results than cheaper carpet cleaning machines.

It’s easy to set this machine up and start using it. It cleans carpets quickly and doesn’t leave them too wet. Carpets don’t take too long to dry after using this machine as it uses hot air and suction to dry the carpet out. Carpets will be slightly damp afterwards, but should dry within a couple of hours.

One annoying thing about the Vax V124A is that it makes a lot of noise, though this is common with carpet cleaners. Another issue is that the build quality could be improved. It’s made of plastic and doesn’t feel very tough, so you will need to be careful when using it.

The Vax V124A comes with a useful upholstery attachment that can be used on settees, armchairs and car interiors. This makes the Vax V124A quite a versatile carpet cleaner.

The machine itself takes a long time to clean, especially if you’ve been cleaning up pet hairs. It’s a good idea to vacuum the carpet first before using this machine to remove any hairs and large bits of dirt.

Pros and cons

  • Very effective at removing dirt from carpets
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Good amount of suction
  • Comes with a useful upholstery tool
  • Made of plastic, so it’s not especially durable
  • Very loud
  • Machine itself takes a long time to clean


The Vax V124A Dual V Upright Carpet Washer performs very well and certainly gets a lot of dirt out of the carpet. It offers a lot of power for the price, though it’s made from cheap plastic so it’s not especially tough.

To summarise, this machine is a good choice if you need plenty of cleaning power and don’t mind compromising on build quality.


One alternative from a rival brand is the BISSELL Cleanview Power Brush Carpet Cleaner, which has a similar price to the Vax V124A (at the time of writing), but is slightly less powerful with an 800 watt motor. One plus with this machine is that the build quality feels a bit higher than the Vax V124A’s, so it might last longer.

If you just need something for cleaning up spills and accidents rather than whole carpets, you might want to consider the BISSELL 30K4E Little Green Carpet Cleaner, which is cheaper than the Vax V124A (at the time of writing), and is more suited to spot cleaning.

For some more options see these top carpet cleaners in the UK.

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