Vax W86-DP-B Dual Power Carpet Cleaner Review

Light and easy to use, and offers enough power to deal with tough cleaning jobs.

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The Vax Dual Carpet Power Cleaner is a mid-sized carpet cleaner that offers a good combination of power and manoeuvrability. It has a long 8 metre power cable and features two rotating brush bars for dislodging dirt. Find out how the Vax W86-DP-B Dual Power Carpet Cleaner performs in this review.


  • Two rotating brush bars for removing dirt from carpets
  • Separate clean and dirty water tanks
  • 7 litre clean water tank
  • 5 litre dirty water tank
  • 8 metre power cable
  • 30 cm cleaning width

Power: 800 watts
Weight: 5.8 kg


The Vax W86-DP-B Dual Power Carpet Cleaner is very easy set up and use and is fairly light and easy to manoeuvre. It performs well on both carpets and rugs, and is a great tool to have for homes with children and/or pets.

Like with most carpet cleaners, you will need some patience to get the best results from the Vax W86-DP-B, and might need to go over the carpet several times if the carpet is heavily soiled.

The clean water tank is quite small and needs refilling frequently, but this is straightforward and easy to do. One upside to having a small water tank is that it helps keep the Vax W86-DP-B lightweight and easy to move around.

One irritating thing about this machine is that it’s quite fiddly to clean afterwards, though this is a common issue with carpet cleaners. It’s a good idea to vacuum the carpet first to remove any larger pieces of dirt and hairs that might clog up the machine.

It’s important to note that the Vax W86-DP-B Dual Power Carpet Cleaner doesn’t have an upholstery tool, so you’re limited to using it on flat carpets and rugs rather than settees, armchairs and stairs.


What kind of carpet shampoo should you use with the Vax Dual Carpet Power Cleaner?

You can use any brand of carpet shampoo with the Vax W86-DP-B, though a good choice would be Vax Ultra Plus Carpet Cleaning Solution.

Will the carpet be very wet after using this carpet cleaner?

The carpet will be damp, but should dry out within a few hours. The Vax W86-DP-B has a good amount of suction which prevents the carpet from getting too wet.

Can the Vax Dual Carpet Power Cleaner be used on stairs and upholstery?

No, unfortunately this carpet cleaner doesn’t come with any attachments.

Pros and cons

  • Sold with a 2-year guarantee
  • Doesn’t leave the carpet too damp
  • Easy to use
  • Light
  • Machine itself is quite fiddly to clean
  • No upholstery tool
  • Works slowly


The Vax Dual Carpet Power Cleaner is light and easy to use, and offers enough power to deal with tough cleaning jobs. It’s a good choice if you want something lightweight yet powerful.

Since this carpet cleaner doesn’t have an upholstery tool, you’re limited to cleaning flat carpets and rugs, so you should look elsewhere if you need to clean upholstery.


One very affordable alternative to the Vax Dual Carpet Power Cleaner is the Vax VRS5W Rapide Spring, which is slightly smaller and lighter than the Vax Dual but is also less powerful with a 500 watt rather than 800 watt motor.

A good alternative from a rival brand is the BISSELL 90D3E Cleanview Quickwash, which like the Vax Dual is a light carpet cleaner with a long power cable.

For some more options see this list of the best carpet cleaners in 2017.

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  1. used my vax W86-DP-B for first time today very disappointed, didn’t suvk all water back up, hardly any in dirty container after going several times over carpet, also very difficult to clean base as dosent come away?

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