Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in the UK (2018)

When Tomorrow’s World talked about robots way back when, we’re sure they expected far more than a robot vacuum cleaner. However, while we wait for a robot that can do everything, a robot vacuum cleaner will have to do.

Robot vacuum cleaners can be excellent for loads of people, not just people who love the latest tech. They can be used by elderly and disabled people who struggle to clean their homes. This alone can make them invaluable in many households up and down the country. Of course, they can also be used by people who hate hoovering, a never-ending task in most family homes!

So whether you need a little bit of help around the home because it isn’t as easy for you to hoover as it once was, or you hate the idea of a vacuum cleaner following you around your home constantly, there is a robot vacuum cleaner for you below. We have taken a look at all the robot vacuum cleaners available in the UK and picked out 5 of the best. We hope you find this list of robot vacuum cleaners helpful on your quest for a clean home.

1. Eufy Robot Vacuum RoboVac 11

The Eufy RoboVac 11 does everything you need it to do. It has incredible suction making it perfect for hard flooring and carpets. It is also self-docking and self-charging, so you don’t even have to plug it in! You can leave this vacuum cleaner to clean, and when it’s tired, it will take itself off for a nap!

Plus, it has all the sensors you need it to have, so it won’t hit the coffee table or the walls. So, even if you live in a rented flat or take pride in your home, you can run this all day without fear of it damaging anything.

Whether you want a robot vacuum cleaner because you struggle to hoover or because you don’t have time, the Eufy RoboVac 11 can provide 1 and half hours of powerful cleaning and then put itself on charge and get ready to go again.

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2. iRobot Roomba 605

The Roomba 605 can clean your floor at the touch of a button, making it nice and simple for those of us without a degree in technology. It is also nice and compact meaning that it can fit under just about anything. Plus, it has a three-stage cleaning system which automatically changes depending on which type of flooring it is on, guarantying a dust and dirt-free home.

Roomba’s spinning brush technology also means that this robot vacuum cleaner can reach into any tight corner it comes across. And you can create virtual walls in your home, if you only want it to clean certain spaces. This is a fantastic addition to any home. It is exceedingly easy to use and perfect for homes with pets.

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3. iRobot Roomba 980

iRobot Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 is basically the 605’s big brother. It does everything that the Roomba 605 does, but with a little more vigour. The 980 offers two hours of uninterrupted cleaning power as it keeps track of its location and charges when needed.

The iRobot app also allows you to control the 980 from anywhere. So, whether you’re sitting on the sofa and decide you want it to skip the living room so you can watch a film, or if you’re at work and want it to start cleaning, you can do it at the touch of a button.

The 980 offers loads more features than this, and we urge you to check it out if you’re looking for the latest in robot vacuum cleaner technology. However, just because this robot vacuum cleaner offers loads of tech, it doesn’t mean it is difficult to use. Just like with the 605, a touch of a button will get it cleaning for you. It is one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners on the market and definitely worth checking out.

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4. Housmile Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

With an hour and a half of fade-free battery life, it’s easy to use room selection features and versatile cleaning modes, this Housmile vacuum cleaner is certainly one of the best on the market. It has two modes of cleaning, small room (30 minutes) or large room (60 minutes). Just press the button once or twice depending on which mode you like, and it will take off cleaning up everything in its path.

It also has two side brushes ensuring that it will reach into every nook and cranny and grab any dirt or dust that it comes across. Although this does have fantastic suction, cleaning power and technology for cleaning hard floors and carpets, this robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t have automatic recharge which does let it down a bit compared to the others on this list. However, if that feature doesn’t bother you, for the price, this robotic vacuum cleaner does a superb job.

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5. Dyson Robot 360eye

Dyson Robot 360eye

Of course Dyson was going to appear on this list, it is a list about vacuum cleaners! Their robot vacuum cleaner has some technology that we’re sure NASA was using a few years ago. It has 360-degree vision, so it never misses a bit of dirt, a full-width brush to really make sure it doesn’t miss any dirt and the powerful suction all Dyson’s have to further ensure it never misses any dirt!

The Dyson app helps you control your new robot vacuum cleaner and we have to say it is the most impressive app of this kind. You can schedule cleaning times on the app, get updates to do more with your vacuum and the app also maps where the vacuum has been in your home.

This is a Dyson, so you know it’s going to be great. The suction power of this robot vacuum is best in class and the app is too. If you’re looking for the latest vacuum technology, this is the perfect robotic vacuum cleaner to go for!

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We hope this list of robot vacuum cleaners has been helpful. To find out more about other household products that can help you turn your house into a home, please explore our website further. We have loads of articles on here about the best cleaning products in the UK that can help make cleaning your home enjoyable and, more importantly, fast!

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