JML Rubber Wonderbroom Review

JML Rubber Wonderbroom Review

The rubber broom is one of those inventions that’s so elegantly simple that it’ll leave you wondering why we never thought of it before. They work very similarly to conventional bristle brooms, but without a lot of the issues.

JML’s Rubber Wonderbroom is a clever product that takes a common item and improves on it, delivering a little bit of that JML quality.


  • Telescopic handle
  • Poly-isoprene bristles
  • Waterproof
  • Built-in squeegee
  • Compact design

Dimensions: 85 x 30 x 5 cm
499 g

Performance and use

The Wonderbroom is quite simply a broom with rubber bristles and a few nice extras. It’s an extremely elegant design that works wonders doing conventional sweeping tasks, with a few extra uses thanks to the waterproof rubber design.

It’s extremely easy to use, as it’s simply a broom. You use it in the exact same way that you might use a conventional broom. For instance, you may use it to sweep dust off the floor, or you may use it to dislodge pet hairs from deep in your carpet before vacuuming.

JML’s Wonderbroom also does a few more things than just sweeping. It includes a built-in squeegee on the rear of the broom that allows you to more effectively deal with liquid spillages, or even clean your windows.

Unlike conventional brooms, the Wonderbroom does not collect dust and dirt in its bristles as easily. But even if you find your Wonderbroom getting dirty, you can simply rinse it out in the sink and it’ll be good as new.

This product is a godsend for pet owners as its stiff bristles are ideal for removing pet hairs from deep inside your carpet. This is where the product really shines. For most other tasks, a conventional broom will suffice. But with a little elbow grease, the Wonderbroom is the best way to get pet hairs out of carpeting.

However, some users have complained that the stiff bristles make it difficult to use on certain types of carpet. I suspect that this is because the stiff bristles do not respond very well to excessive pressure.


  • Can be used on liquid spillages
  • Doesn’t collect dirt and grime
  • Built-in squeegee


  • Stiff bristles can be difficult to use on certain flooring
  • Some users have reported excessive wear on certain flooring


Is the JML Rubber Wonderbroom worth your money? I would say so. Even if you find that it doesn’t work well on your carpets, it’s still a very versatile broom that you can find a use for elsewhere. You can even use it outside to sweep up leaves. The built-in squeegee is quite useful for controlling liquids, which means you’re almost guaranteed to use it eventually, even if you find that you prefer your existing broom.

All in all, it’s a great product for a very tempting price. Its rubber construction makes it very useful to keep around in case you accidentally spill a drink, even if you prefer your existing broom for other tasks.

Similar products

The Supreme Smart Clean Rubber Broom is essentially a cheaper version of the Wonderbroom. It uses the same concept but at a lower price point. Compared to the Wonderbroom, it is slightly heavier and has slightly shorter bristles. It also lacks the build quality of JML’s product.

Another alternative if you want a rubber broom but as a handheld brush is this Rubber Pet Hair Hand Brush. It’s ideal for getting down on your hands and knees and getting behind furniture. It’s also considerably more portable than the Wonderbroom, so it’s perfect if you find yourself sweeping pet hairs out of your car frequently.