Top 10 Vacuum Cleaner Brands

Which are the best vacuum cleaner brands? We’ve created a list of ten of the most popular and well respected manufacturers of vacuum cleaners. These are all brands you can buy in the UK.


Headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany


Bosch are a multinational engineering firm based in Germany. They were founded in Stuttgart in 1886 by German engineer Robert Bosch. The company have several divisions, including a consumer goods division which designs vacuum cleaners among other household goods. Bosch offer bagged, bagless and cordless vacuum cleaners. You can see their full range of vacuum cleaners on the company’s website.

Featured vacuum cleaner: BGS5PERFGB Pro Perform Bagless

The Pro Perform Bagless is a quiet vacuum cleaner at just 74 dB thanks to its SilenceSound System. This vacuum cleaner has some really smart features showcasing German engineering at its best.


Headquarters: Romford, United Kingdom


Duronic is a British manufacturer of consumer goods, with a product catalogue ranging from radios to food processers to vacuum cleaners. Duronic is a relatively young company, having been founded in 2005. Despite being quite new to the market, Duronic have built up an impressively large range of well respected products.

Featured vacuum cleaner: VC7/BK HEPA Filter Bagless Upright Handheld Stick Vac


This product is a very cheap handheld vacuum cleaner that would be great if you live in a small house or flat. It’s small and light but has 800 watts of power and a good level of suction.


Headquarters: Malmesbury, United Kingdom


James Dyson designed the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner in 1983. He was inspired by how industrial cyclone towers use centrifugal force to collect dust from the air and had the idea of applying this principle to the design of a new vacuum cleaner. The first models sold for around $2,000, but prices have since come down significantly and Dysons are now much more affordable.

Featured vacuum cleaner: DC25 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The DC25 uses Dyson’s patented Ball technology which gives you more control over the vacuum cleaner, steering it with your wrist so you don’t have to go in straight lines all the time. It’s suitable for cleaning any kind of surface, and is a good price and size for the average home.


Headquarters: Glenwillow, United States


The name ‘Hoover’ has become synonymous with ‘vacuum cleaner’, and lots of us talk about ‘hoovering’ rather than ‘vacuum cleaning’. The Hoover Company didn’t invent the vacuum cleaner; they bought the patent for what was originally called the ‘Electric Suction Sweeper’ from inventor James Murray Spangler in 1908.

Early models failed to gain popularity with the public, but after the Second World War they became popular among the middle class. Hoover are still going strong today, though they now face competition from all the other top brands listed here.

Featured vacuum cleaner: Hoover Whirlwind SE71WR01 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner


The Whirlwind SE71WR01 is a small, budget-priced vacuum cleaner that only weighs 6 kg. It’s easy to carry around and can tackle fiddly jobs and crevices well.

Morphy Richards

Headquarters: Swinton, United Kingdom


Morphy Richards are most famous for their kettles, toasters and hairdryers, but they also manufacture several high-quality vacuum cleaners. The company was founded in 1936 and originally made electric fires, but soon expanded its product range, becoming the leading manufacturer of hairdryers and toasters in the UK.

Featured vacuum cleaner: Morphy Richards 732005 2-in-1 Supervac Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


The 732005 is a light and easy-to-manoeuvre cordless vac with an 18 V battery giving a running time of 35 minutes. Since it’s cordless it’s ideal for cleaning the stairs, the car and other hard-to-reach areas.


Headquarters: Chard, United Kingdom


Numatic International Ltd. was founded in 1969 and is most famous for its iconic Henry vacuum cleaner. Henry was first released in 1980, and the company have since released similar vacuum cleaners with faces including Hetty, Charles, James and George.

Featured vacuum cleaner: HVR200-11 Henry Vacuum Cleaner


This is the latest version of the classic Henry vacuum cleaner. It has excellent suction and comes with a crevice tool and an upholstery brush. This is a vacuum cleaner you can really rely on.

Russell Hobbs

Headquarters: Failsworth, United Kingdom


Russell Hobbs produce a large range of consumer electronics including microwaves, blenders, steamers and of course vacuum cleaners. The company was founded in 1952 when the company produced the first ever automatic coffee percolator, the CP1.

Featured vacuum cleaner: Russell Hobbs RHCHS1001 Turbo Lite 3-in-1 Corded Handheld Stick Vacuum


The RHCHS1001 is a handheld vacuum cleaner that also has a floor head attachment, making it a very versatile piece of kit. It’s light and has a 7 m cable, making it a good alternative to a cordless vacuum cleaner.


Headquarters: Hong Kong, China (Vax UK Ltd is headquartered in Birmingham, United Kingdom)


Vax UK Ltd. is a popular vacuum cleaner brand that is owned by Chinese firm TTI Co. Ltd Group. Vax was founded in 1977 with a focus on carpet cleaning machines, and in 1990 the company hired James Dyson, who left the company a year later to found his own company.

Featured vacuum cleaner: Vax U84-AL-Pe Air Lift Steerable Pet Vacuum Cleaner


This product is one of the most popular upright vacuum cleaners in the UK. It’s one of the best vacuum cleaners for pet hairs thanks to its powerful TurboTool feature. This is a very carefully designed vacuum cleaner with some impressive features.


Headquarters: Manchester, United Kingdom


VonHaus produce a range of products for the home and garden including power tools, television accessories and cleaning tools. The brand is owned by UK firm DOMU Brands.

Featured vacuum cleaner: VonHaus 1000W 2-in-1 Upright Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


This cheap vacuum cleaner can be used as a handheld vac or as a full-length floor vacuum cleaner. It’s designed to help you tack hard-to-reach nooks and crannies and is very lightweight and compact.


Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden (Electrolux headquarters)


Zanussi is an Italian home appliance brand that was acquired by Electrolux in 1984. They produce a large range of products for the home, including cookers, microwaves, washing machines, coffee machines and vacuum cleaners.

Featured vacuum cleaner: Zanussi ZAN3002EL Compact Power Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner


This compact vacuum cleaner uses Zanussi’s Eco Force technology to get the best performance possible from its 1400 watts of power. It’s cheap and offers great value for money.


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