Vax S7 Total Home Master Steam Mop Review

Vax S7 Total Home Master Steam Mop Review

For a product as elegantly simple as the steam mop, innovation is always exciting. The Vax S7 Total Home Master features an interesting 2-in-1 design, meaning that it is capable of being used as a conventional steam mop as well as a handheld steam cleaning tool. This level of versatility means that it can be used all around your home.

Vax is a leading brand as far as steam mops go, and for good reason. So, does this product live up to the Vax name? Find out in this review…


  • 2-in-1 design: upright and handheld
  • Angular floor head
  • Fast conversion between configurations
  • Included assorted brush heads
  • Window cleaning tool
  • Concentration nozzle for hard-to-reach areas

Dimensions: 29 x 122 x 23 cm
2.7 Kg
Capacity: 0.4 Litres
1600 watts

Performance and use

The versatility of the 2-in-1 design is clearly the selling point of this product. So, how does it fare? Well, as an upright, the performance is certainly impressive. The appeal of the detachable handheld is primarily as a steam jet, where it is certainly functional. If you intend to use the handheld for cleaning work surfaces in a similar manner to how it would be used in its upright configuration, then expect excellent performance. However, the pressure nozzle leaves a little to be desired.

As far as ease-of-use goes, it’s relatively straightforward to operate. You turn it on, then use it to mop up stains on hard floors. Unfortunately, a number of small usability issues start to crop up as soon as you try to use the included attachments. A number of users have reported that changing attachments is a fiddly and difficult process. That said, once you’ve got the process down, it’s definitely worth it.

For a steam mop, the Vax S7 works well. It’s ideal for brightening up your hardwood and tile floors. A few passes over with this steam mop, and you’ll be amazed just how clean your floors are. The included attachments give it a good range of functionality. For instance, you can use it to clean windows with the squeegee attachment, or you can even clean in between your tiles with the included grout head.

The Vax S7 is perfect for anyone with lots of hard flooring. If you’ve got plenty of wooden flooring in your home, then you should definitely get a steam mop. The results of cleaning your floors with the S7 are impressive, leaving your floors as shiny as the day they were installed.

However, if you don’t have much hard flooring, but think the handheld might still be useful, you may want to consider just using some elbow grease and scrubbing the old-fashioned way.  That’s not to suggest that the handheld is weak, but the true value of this product is in the upright steam mop configuration.


  • Impressive range of included tools
  • Excellent performance as a steam mop
  • Versatile 2-in-1 design


  • Changing tools is a frustrating process
  • Handheld performance is lacking compared to standard configuration
  • Difficult to switch between configurations


The Vax S7 Total Home Master is an interesting product, but is it worth your money? Given the price, I’d certainly say so. Even if the handheld performance is somewhat lacking, its performance as an upright steam mop is very impressive. The versatility is a great bonus too. If you can snag one for a good price, it’s a great product.

Similar steam mops

If versatility is what you’re after, then the Thane H20 x5 is an impressive product. As the name suggests, it features a 5-in-1 design: floor steamer, carpet steamer, handheld steamer, window cleaner, and a garment steamer. It features a far more user-friendly design compared to the S7, but it’s at a higher price point and some may feel that the extra usability doesn’t justify the higher cost.

If you’re just after a regular steam mop, and don’t want the option of a handheld, then you should take a look at the Vax S2S-1. It offers all of the steam cleaning performance of the S7 at a similar price point and in a lighter package.

For some cheaper options, check out our roundup of the best steam cleaners under £40.

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