Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Microfibre Mop and Bucket Review

Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Microfiber Mop and Bucket Review

A great product if you find yourself in need of a high-end mop.

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Everyone should own a mop. They’re extremely useful for tackling the day-to-day cleaning needs of a household. So, why not choose a mop that makes mopping easier? Vileda have created a product that aims to make mopping up mess as easy as possible, right down to wringing out the mop.

There are plenty of cheaper mops available, so do the features justify the cost? This review will help you decide…


  • Telescopic handle
  • Triangular head plate
  • Microfiber head
  • Wringing pedal

Dimensions: 48 x 28 x 28 cm
1.8 Kg

Performance and use

When it comes to mops, most people don’t realise the importance of getting a good one. A bad mop can smear dirt and grime around on the floor instead of actually cleaning it. The Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Microfiber Mop makes use of microfibers to make the mop head more absorbent.

This mop is extremely easy to use. It’s just a regular mop with a number of additional convenience features. For instance, it features a telescopic handle that allows you to get the handle to the right length, to make mopping as convenient as possible. Furthermore, it features a very useful pedal-powered wringing system. Simply insert the mop into the wringer and push down on the pedal.

This mop can easily cut through grease and grime on your floor, lifting it up and leaving your floor impressively clean. Anything that a cheaper mop can do, this mop can do better. Vileda have created an extremely convenient design. The mop head is triangular, to help it get into corners better. This helps you to get a far more thorough clean.

If you’ve got lots of hard flooring that can be easily mopped, then you should definitely spend a little more on your mop and get a great product. However, if you’ve got an entirely carpeted house, and only need a mop to clean the kitchen, you might prefer to save the money and get a cheaper mop.


  • Highly absorbent microfiber head
  • Convenient telescopic handle
  • Useful wringing pedal


  • Expensive for a mop
  • Telescopic handle can retract under excessive pressure


Vileda have created a premium mop. If you find yourself doing a lot of mopping, then the time you’ll save with this product is definitely worth it. It has a good range of excellent time-saving features. However, it is very expensive compared to cheap generic models. If you’re not finding yourself often using a mop, then a cheap model may serve you just as well.

To summarise, the Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Microfibre Mop is a great product if you find yourself in need of a high-end mop.

Similar products

If you find yourself needing a bigger mop, then Vileda have created a flat mop that uses all of the same special features of the Easy Wring and Clean mop, even including the wringing pedal. It is, however, considerably pricier. Another downside is that the construction can be flimsy when under intense pressure.

If you find yourself in need of a far cheaper mopping solution, then the budget cotton mop by Addis shown below is a fine choice. It’s got none of the fancy features of the Vileda mop, but it’s more than capable enough to handle the occasional spill.

For some more options to consider, check out our roundup of the best mop and bucket sets.

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