PurSteam 850 Watt Fabric Steamer Review

A decent travel clothes steamer that works well on thin fabrics but isn’t so effective on thicker fabrics.

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The PurSteam 850 Watt Fabric Steamer is a small portable garment steamer with an attractive white design. It’s light at just 513 grams, so it could be a good gadget for taking on holiday and getting the creases out of your clothes when you take them out of your suitcase.

Find out how the PurSteam 850 Watt Fabric Steamer performs in this review.


  • Heats up in 60 seconds
  • Aluminium heating ball
  • Made from BPA-free ABS/PP
  • Travel pouch included

Dimensions: 9.4 x 21.8 x 17.8 cm
Model number: PS-510
Power: 850 watts
Weight: 513 g

Performance and design

Once you’ve filled the PurSteam 850 Watt Fabric Steamer with water and turned it on, it heats up in 60 seconds so you can start using it quickly.

It works well at getting creases out of thin fabric, but doesn’t work so well on thicker fabrics. It’s great on silk dresses and blouses but doesn’t work so well on cotton.

The PurSteam 850 Watt Fabric Steamer is very light which is good if you tend to find irons a bit heavy. It also means it won’t weigh down your suitcase, so it’s good for taking on holiday. At roughly 22 cm tall though, this steamer is quite large so it does take up a fair bit of space.

Like with most travel steamers, the water tank empties quickly. You’ll only be able to use it on about 2 shirts before refilling the water tank, so it’s not a good choice for doing a pile of ironing but should be fine for travel.

You should be careful when using this steamer as it sometimes spits out hot water, especially if you put too much water in it.

Pros and cons

  • Easy to use
  • Heats up quickly (60 seconds)
  • Power cord is a good length
  • Very light
  • Less effective on thick fabrics
  • Sometimes it spits out hot water


The PurSteam 850 Watt Fabric Steamer is a decent travel clothes steamer that works well on silk and other thin fabrics. It’s not so great when it comes to thicker fabrics like cotton, so you might get better results with a travel iron if your clothes are made from thicker fabric.


A more expensive but potentially higher quality steamer is the Vitovill Garment Steamer, which is more powerful than the PurSteam 850 Watt and also comes with two brushes for removing hair and dust from clothes.

Another popular alternative is the Yoleo 700 Watt Clothes Steamer, which is very compact yet has a decently sized water tank (130 ml).

For some more options see our roundup of the best travel clothes steamers.

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