SALAV Clothes Steamer 1500W Review

SALAV Clothes Steamer 1500W Review

Relatively powerful, but not as effective as a steam generator iron.

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The SALAV Clothes Steamer is a large garment steamer that offers more power and a longer usage time than travel steamers. Find out what this steamer can do and how it performs in this review.


  • Removable 1.8 litre water tank
  • Heats up in 45 seconds
  • Sold with a 1-year warranty
  • Pole and hanger included
  • Several attachments including a trouser hanger, a fabric brush and a mini ironing paddle for collars, cuffs and pockets
  • Drain plug to remove excess water
  • Wheels for moving the steamer around
  • Four settings: Humidify, Degerm, Thin clothes, Thick clothes

Power: 1500 watts
Weight: 4.5 kg


This steamer can be used on most kinds of fabrics including silk, cotton, polyester, linen and wool. It has four settings (Humidify, Degerm, Thin clothes, Thick clothes).

The “Thin clothes” setting is quite weak, so you will probably want to use the “Thick clothes” setting most of the time.  Since the steam produced is very hot (98 ℃), it will kill bacteria and help remove odours as well as removing creases.

This steamer is easy to use, but the performance is a bit underwhelming, especially if you’re used to professional garment steamers. It’s effective at removing trouser creases and getting wrinkles out of thin clothes, but it work so well for tough jobs such as thick shirts.

It will probably be easier to use your own clothes hangers rather than the hanger included, although the trouser hanger is quite useful.

This steamer is a good choice if you really don’t enjoy ironing, but a steam iron will normally offer better results. Ironing will normally be quicker too, as this steamer works quite slowly. On the plus side, the handheld part is lighter than an iron, which is good if you normally find irons to be too heavy.


Can this steamer be used with tap water?

Yes, the SALAV Clothes Steamer can be used with tap water though the manufacturer recommends using filtered or distilled water.

Is it safe to use on wedding and bridesmaid dresses?

Yes, this steamer should be safe to use on delicate fabrics. Use the “Thin clothes” setting at first, before switching to the “Thick clothes” setting if necessary.

Pros and cons

  • Easy to use
  • Well made
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Sometimes drips
  • Not as effective as an iron
  • Works slowly


The SALAV Clothes Steamer is more powerful than some of the cheaper travel garment steamers on the market, but it isn’t as powerful or effective as a good iron or a professional steamer. This product is a good choice if you really dislike ironing, but otherwise you might get better results with a steam generator iron.


Many people will find a steam generator iron to be more effective than this garment steamer. A good choice could be the Morphy Richards 333020 Jet Steam Generator, which is an affordable yet powerful model.

One similar clothes steamer from a respected brand is the Rowenta IS6200 1500-Watt Full Size Garment Steamer, which has a 2.4 litre water capacity.

An inexpensive alternative is the Quest Benross Upright Garment Steamer, which offers 1800 watts of power and a 1.8 litre water tank.

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