Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra Iron 20630 Review

Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra Iron 20630 Review

The Powersteam Ultra Iron 20630 is a 3100 W steam iron from respected household appliance brand Russell Hobbs. In the manufacturer’s tests it heated up quicker and gave a smoother ironing experience when compared to earlier models. Let’s take a closer look at what it can do…


  • Triple-action cleaning
  • Ceramic soleplate
  • Tapered tip for getting into corners and tricky bits of garments
  • 350 ml water tank
  • Vertical steam function for upholstery, curtains and hanging clothes
  • Auto shut-off function
  • Soft-touch dial and handle
  • 3m power cord
  • Anti-scale and anti-drip design
  • Dry, steam and spray & burst modes
  • Temperature ready indicator


  • 45 g of continuous steam
  • 210 g shot of steam
  • Power: 3100 W
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Capacity: 350 ml
  • Steam output: 45 g/m
  • Dimensions: 30.5 x 17 x 12.2 cm


The Powersteam Ultra Iron 20630 works quickly and glides smoothly over fabric, so you can get through a pile of ironing quite quickly. It has a 210 g shot of steam, which is ideal for tough fabrics like denim. Given the large quantity of steam this iron produces, you might need to refill the water chamber quite frequently.

This iron can be used with regular UK tapwater, so you don’t need to use special ironing water. It has a self-cleaning function to prevent scale from building up.

The Powersteam Ultra Iron 20630 has some great features including an auto shut-off function which turns the iron off automatically if you forget to do so yourself.

The power cord is 3 metres long, which is a good length. There isn’t a clasp to keep the power cord together, but you can wrap it around the base.

There are a few issues with this iron, however. It can feel quite heavy at 1.6 kg, though it will be fine for most people. The temperature dial can also be quite hard to read unless you have very good eyesight.


  • Works quickly and glides smoothly
  • Good amount of steam
  • Long power cord
  • Lots of smart features


  • Relatively heavy
  • Temperature dial is hard to read


Despite some minor flaws, the Powersteam Ultra Iron 20630 is one of the best irons you can get for under £50. It’s a great budget steam iron that would suit the average household.

Similar irons

While the Powersteam Ultra Iron 20630 offers great value for money, there are a few cheaper options. The Morphy Richards Turbosteam Iron with Diamond Soleplate is a very affordable iron with 2000 watts of power and a steam output of 35 grams a minute. It’s a fair bit lighter than the Powersteam Ultra Iron 20630 at 1.2 kg rather than 1.6 kg.

Another inexpensive option is the Russell Hobbs Steamglide Professional Iron 21370, which is very similar to the iron reviewed here. It offers 2600 watts of power with 40 g of continuous steam and a 145 g shot of steam.

For some more options see our roundup of the best steam irons under £50.

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