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Items in dishwasher

What’s the “Not Dishwasher Safe” Symbol in the UK?

Just bought a load of crockery but didn’t think to check to see if the items are dishwasher safe? You’re not alone. It’s a common mistake to make. Annoyingly, there isn’t an official or universal symbol to state that something is ‘Not Dishwasher Safe’ or is ‘Dishwasher Safe’. Instead, manufacturers decide what symbol to stamp

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white lampshade

How to Clean a Lampshade

Cleaning lampshades might be a task that’s very low down on your cleaning list. The job isn’t exactly difficult to carry out. It’s just not given much attention. Consequently, dust and general grime build up on the surfaces rather quickly and make the once-pleasing shades drab and dreary! Ensuring your lampshades are clean will make

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red bandana

How to Wash a Bandana

Bandanas are multipurpose accessories that keep hair out of your eyes, act as masks against airborne viruses, and can spruce up an outfit. To say they offer a lot of value to wearers is an understatement. The only trouble with them is if they’re not taken care of effectively, they start to look drab, colourless,

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Slate placemat before and after cleaning

How to Clean Slate Placemats

Slate placemats offer a unique and sophisticated touch to any dining table. Known for their durability and elegant appearance, these natural stone accessories can enhance a dining experience while protecting the dinner table from hot plates. However, like any other material, slate requires proper care and maintenance to keep its natural beauty intact. Find out

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