white bottle spray with brick wall background

How to Clean a Brick Wall

Cleaning interior and exterior brick walls requires a delicate touch to preserve the beauty of the bricks while effectively removing stains. Whether tackling the cosy ambience of an interior space or the weather-exposed exterior, understanding the right methods is crucial. If you don’t know how to clean a brick wall, don’t worry. Here, we provide

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Brushed Brass Tap

How to Clean Brushed Brass Taps

Brushed brass taps are an aesthetic choice in kitchens and bathrooms. Unlike traditional brass, chosen for its shiny properties, brushed brass has a matte appearance. The matte finish provides a stylish and modern finish while also being somewhat timeless. However, regular cleaning is essential to ensure the metal stands the test of time. If your

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11 Easter Cleaning Tips

With the Easter Bunny’s imminent arrival, you’ll want to get your house in tip-top form! Whether you’re throwing an Easter egg hunt, having the family around for a roast, or hosting a movie day where you can feast upon your chocolate eggs, your home must be clean, cosy and comfortable. Follow the tips below to

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Cleaning products on windowsill

Checklists for Cleaning Your House (Daily, Weekly and Monthly)

Cleaning is essential for keeping our homes organised, hygienic, and comfortable. But sometimes, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. This is where a house cleaning checklist comes in handy. You know precisely what you’re supposed to clean and when, ensuring nothing gets forgotten. This comprehensive guide breaks down your house cleaning schedule into daily,

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shower room with cubicle

How to Clean a Shower Cubicle Without Getting Wet

Shower cubicles are great for keeping bathrooms dry as they provide a dedicated area for showering while containing the water within its boundaries. However, cleaning these cubicles without getting wet can be challenging. Fortunately, there are ways to restore your shower’s sparkle without turning yourself into an unintended participant in your own cleaning ritual.  

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spring cleaning

31 Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is when we say ‘so long’ to winter’s cold, icy winds and ‘hello’ to longer days, sunny spells, and blooming plants. With a change in the weather and summer to look forward to, spring is the ideal season to carry out a spring clean! But hang on, where do you start with this mammoth

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toilet bacteria

8 Facts About Toilet Bacteria

Although not visible to the human eye, a microscopic universe of bacteria lives inside your toilet. But what bacteria is found in the toilet? How long does toilet bacteria live on surfaces? And is bathroom bacteria harmful to your health? This article explores the unseen world of toilet bacteria, with eight intriguing facts that shed

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Don't put fabric softener in toilet tank

TikTok Toilet Hack Debunked: Plumbers Warn Against Fabric Softener Trick

Maintaining a clean bathroom can feel like an unending battle, and smelly toilets stand out as a persistent challenge. In the quest for an effortless solution, one TikTok user has gone viral, claiming that placing fabric softener in the toilet tank is the secret to continuous bathroom freshness. The TikTok video, initially shared by Easy

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