BISSELL 90D3E Cleanview Quickwash Carpet Cleaner Review

BISSELL 90D3E Cleanview Quickwash Carpet Cleaner Review

Performs well for the price, but it does have some drawbacks to be aware of.

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The BISSELL 90D3E Cleanview Quickwash is a light upright carpet cleaner designed for cleaning whole rooms as well as occasional spills and accidents. It’s an inexpensive machine that promises a lot for the price, but how does it perform? Find out in this review.


  • 6 m power cord
  • Water tank is coated in Microban (an antimicrobial material)
  • Cross action EdgeSweep brushes
  • Removable nozzle
  • 2 litre clean water tank

Weight: 6 kg
Power: 500 watts


One of the best things about the BISSELL 90D3E Cleanview Quickwash is that it’s nice and light, making it easy to manoeuvre around, though the cord can get in the way at times. This carpet cleaner is also quite compact (111 x 41 x 23 cm) making it easy to store.

The machine doesn’t come with an attachment for cleaning upholstery or stairs, so it can only really be used on larger surfaces. It’s also better at refreshing newish carpets rather than cleaning older, more heavily soiled carpets.

The BISSELL 90D3E Cleanview Quickwash is generally easy to use, though you need to be patient to get the best results. If you go slowly the machine will suck up most of the moisture from the carpet, so you won’t be left with sopping wet carpets.

One area where this carpet washer could be improved is the dirty water tank. It’s quite fiddly to clean as it tends to collect carpet fluff. The tank is also quite small, so needs emptying frequently, though this prevents the machine from getting too heavy.

The dirty water tank can also be difficult to empty without spilling some dirty water. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to empty it before it gets too full.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Small, compact and light
  • Good for homes with pets and/or children
  • Comes with a carpet shampoo sample
  • Good value for money
  • Dirty water tank is fiddly to clean
  • Dirty water tank needs to be emptied frequently
  • No attachments
  • Cord can get in the way when cleaning
  • Very loud


For the price, the BISSELL 90D3E Cleanview Quickwash offers impressive results. It’s a great little machine for keeping your carpet looking new, though it does have a few flaws. There are definitely better carpet washers out there, though this one offers excellent value for money.


A more powerful alternative is the BISSELL Cleanview Power Brush. It’s quite similar to the Quickwash but with a more powerful motor and larger water tanks, making it potentially a better choice if you’re cleaning large areas.

Another budget carpet cleaner that is usually cheaper than the BISSELL 90D3E Cleanview Quickwash is the Vax VRS5W Rapide Spring. It has similar specs to the Quickwash: both have a 500-watt motor and weigh 6 kg, though the Rapide Spring has a slightly larger clean water tank (2.1 litres rather than 2).

For some more options, see our roundup of the best carpet cleaners.

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