BISSELL Cleanview Power Brush Carpet Cleaner Review

BISSELL Cleanview Power Brush Carpet Cleaner Review

Powerful, reliable and versatile, the BISSELL Cleanview Power Brush would be ideal for most households.

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The BISSELL Cleanview Power Brush Carpet Cleaner could be a good alternative to hiring a commercial carpet cleaner. It offers a good amount of power and comes with an upholstery tool for cleaning settees and curtains.

This review will cover the BISSELL Cleanview’s performance, pros and cons to help you decide if it’s right for you.


  • Water tanks are lined with Microban (an antimicrobial material)
  • Upholstery tools
  • 5-row Dirtlifter brush
  • Edge sweep brushes for cleaning against skirting boards and around furniture
  • Removable nozzle

Weight: 13 kg
Power: 800 watts
Model number: 44L6E


This carpet cleaner is easy to assemble and comes with clear instructions so you can start using it in no time. It might take a while to get the right technique, but once you do you should find the BISSELL Cleanview is very effective at cleaning carpets.

It gets and impressive amount of dirt out of carpets, so prepare to be shocked by the colour of the water! This carpet cleaning machine deals well with most stains, though isn’t so effective at removing grease stains.

The BISSELL Cleanview Power Brush Carpet Cleaner has five rows of brushes to make it more effective at removing dirt from carpets. The machine has an 800-watt motor, making it more powerful than many of the alternatives. Another plus with this product is that it comes with a free sample of BISSELL’s carpet cleaning formula included.

This carpet cleaner is relatively large and heavy at 13 kilograms, though most people should be able to use it without trouble. If you have mobility problems you might get on better with a smaller, lighter machine. One upside to the BISSELL Cleanview’s size is that it can clean large areas more quickly.

One good thing about this carpet cleaner is that it comes with an upholstery tool which is great for cleaning sofas. This makes it a versatile machine for getting stains and dirt out of not just carpets but also settees, cushions and curtains.

You can see the colour of the water collected in the dirty water tank, which gives you a good indication of whether or not you’re removing stains and dirt. The water tanks are quite small, so you need to top up the clean water tank and empty the dirty water frequently. This isn’t a problem though as it’s quick and easy to fill and empty.

The BISSELL Cleanview Power Brush Carpet Cleaner comes with a free sample of BISSELL carpet shampoo which works very well. You can use other brands of carpet shampoo as well as other detergents, so you aren’t limited to using BISSELL’s own product.

One disappointing thing about this product is that the machine itself takes a while to clean, though carpet cleaners tend to be quite tricky to clean in general.

Pros and Cons

  • Works well on short-pile carpets
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with an upholstery tool
  • Easy to fill and empty
  • Quite large and bulky
  • Machine itself takes a long time to clean


The BISSELL Cleanview Power Brush Carpet Cleaner is more expensive than many of the alternatives, but it’s powerful and gets the job done. It’s made by BISSELL, who are a respected household cleaning brand who have been making floor cleaning products since the 1800s. If you want a powerful, reliable and versatile carpet cleaner this is a great choice.


A cheaper and less powerful model from BISSELL is the 90D3E Cleanview Quickwash. One advantage with this model is that it’s lighter than the Cleanview Power Brush, so it could be a good choice if you don’t need something very powerful and would prefer something light and easy to move around.

A similar product from a different brand is the Vax W90-RU-P Rapide Ultra 2, which has similar features to the Cleanview Power Brush but with a more powerful motor (1000 watts rather than 800).

For some more options, see our roundup of the best carpet cleaners.

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