Polishing wood furniture

Best Furniture Polish (2023 UK)

Finding the right furniture polish to shine up and protect the antiques and wooden items in your home can be a tad challenging. And one wrong move with the incorrect product could turn a generations old piece into a streaky mess!

So, before you buy a polish, check out the best furniture polishes below.


The Best Furniture Polish in the UK

1. Howard Feed N Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner

If you need to breathe new life into your old wooden furniture, antiques, dining tables and cabinets then a bottle of Howard Feed N Wax is what you need.

A 473 ml bottle contains beeswax, Brazilian carnauba wax, mineral oil and orange oil, and when put together they can bring out a magnificent depth and finish to the grain of your finished and unfinished wood.

The natural, real orange oil feeds and conditions the wood, and in turn, prevents it from drying out, fading and cracking.

Adding the blend to your wooden items, not only moisturises and nourishes them, but also makes them soft to the touch.

As well as shiny, more durable and the surfaces will be protected for longer. It also smells nice, but it isn’t overbearing. 

Howard Feed N Wax is incredibly simple to use and results can be seen in mere minutes!

It can also be used on a monthly basis, and is generally used to maintain wood that has already been restored. And it’s safe to use alongside other Howard-related goods.

On that note, a slight drawback of this product is that people often confuse it with other Howard products that are used to restore wooden goods. And are, therefore, disappointed with the temporary sleek, polished look that they get at the end.

So, to clarify, Howard Feed N Wax is a polisher and conditioner that helps to protect and give wood a new lease of life. It does not, however, restore wood. For this you would need to use a wood restorer product instead.


2. Aristowax Original Wood Silk Silicone Free Spray Polish

Aristowax Original Wood Silk Silicone Free Spray Polish comes in a 250 ml can and is made up of beeswax and nutrient oils.

It’s a competitively priced polish on this list, and although it’s far cheaper than some entries, it still packs a punch. Namely, it can restore the colour of wood, and it can replace the oils that have been lost from the wood over the years because of general wear and tear and heat.

Aristowax can be used on gloss, satin and matt wood finishes, as well as on solid wood and block flooring.

It, however, cannot be used on unsealed wooden surfaces and it’s not always great on light coloured wood because the ingredients can impact how the furniture looks at the end of a treatment.

Like most polishes it is relatively easy to use, you shake the can, spray the contents 6 inches away from the wooden surface, and finally you buff the area with a cloth.

Although do keep in mind that you must adhere to these guidelines because spraying too close to a surface, or squirting too much product onto a patch of wood can make it quite slippery.

In addition to this, the patch can end up looking too ‘wet’ and this, in turn, can be a little tiring to rectify.


3. Orange Glo Wood Furniture 2 in 1 Clean

Orange Glo Wood Furniture 2 in 1 Clean comes in a handy 474 ml spray bottle, so you can easily apply small quantities of this product onto your wooden surfaces.

The nozzle effectively prevents you from overusing the product because only so much liquid comes out in one squirt.

And being able to target and spray the solution onto specific wooden areas is helpful because you don’t actually need to use gallons of this item to see significant results.

Actually, using too much at once may darken the colour of your wood, so you ought to be careful.  

If you only use a small amount of Orange Glo in your home, you’ll notice that the citrusy aroma will permeate throughout the rooms. And while some say it’s overpowering, it can also be very refreshing.

This product can clean, moisture and shine wooden surfaces. It can also remove waxy and dusty build ups from wood, and also add a protective coating to the wooden piece.

However, you should be mindful and not use this product on unfinished, lacquered surfaces, teak, or damaged finished wood. And it certainly shouldn’t be used on wooden floors or stairs because the ingredients can make these surfaces incredibly slippery.

As a final note, as this item has two purposes: to clean and polish wooden items. It doesn’t always leave wooden pieces with the shiniest of glows in comparison to some other goods on this list.


4. Howard Orange Oil Wood Polish Trigger Furniture Spray Cleaner

Howard Orange Oil Wood Polish Trigger Furniture Spray Cleaner is packed full of zesty goodness that’s ready to tackle the dirt on your wooden surfaces, polish them to an exceptional finish, and preserve the natural overriding beauty of the wood.

This handy orange oil filled 473 ml spray bottle is exceptionally easy to use because you just spray and wipe the contents over your wooden surfaces.

The nozzle helps you to accurately squirt the spots you need to clean, and you can control how much product you use at once too. So, you don’t waste the solution.

Unlike other Howard products mentioned on this list, this particular item can clean dust and other dirt off wooden surfaces, as well as nourishing them to prevent fading and drying and polishing them to a glossy standard.

And similar to other Howard items noted, this product can also be used to clean finished and unfinished wood, can be used on kitchen cabinets, tables, chairs, desks, panelling and antiques, as well as with other Howard-related goodies.

The citrusy aroma that lingers around your home after you’ve treated your wooden furniture is also pleasant, and isn’t too overbearing on your nostrils.


5. Lord Sheraton Caretaker Silicone Free Furniture Polish

If you’re after an item that can polish antique furniture, as well as modern types of furniture, like chairs, tables, wardrobes, dresser and sideboards on a weekly basis, then Lord Sheraton is here to tend to your wooden goods.

Lord Sheraton Caretaker Silicone Free Furniture Polish comes in a 300 ml aerosol spray can and is simple to use.

You just shake the can, press the spray button while holding the can 6 inches away from the surface you’re going to treat, and then you just buff the area with soft cloth.

If you need to clean smaller wooden items, you just spray the soft cloth with Lord Sheraton then wipe the wooden object instead. 

The product is largely natural based because it contains pure beeswax and natural oils, including rosemary, clove, eucalyptus and lavender. When you add these ingredients together you get a potion that is ideal for cleaning and maintaining old and precious wooden furniture.

The fact that the product is also silicone free is great because it means it won’t harm any old wood.

The product can also remove dust from wooden surfaces, particularly old wax build ups, as well as cleaning, nourishing the delicate material, protecting the wood further and providing items with long lasting shiny finishes. 

One drawback of this product is that it cannot be used on wood flooring because the floor will get too slippery. A second, minor issue is that the smell of this item isn’t always long lasting or very appealing.


6. Lakeland Orange Oil Wood Polish

Lakeland Orange Oil Wood Polish is a moderately priced wood polisher that can clean a variety of wooden surfaces in your home.

Like other products mentioned on this list, Lakeland Orange Oil is largely made up from pure oil, so it can revive dull wooden furniture, as well as cleaning and protecting the wood from drying out too much.

Some surfaces that can be treated with this product include doors, squirting boards, wood frames, dressers and wooden drawers.

To use this product, you just need to pour a small amount of it onto a clean cloth, and then start rubbing the wooden surface with the cloth.

The solution works by penetrating deep within the grain of the wood to protect it further, and to replace missing oils that have been lost through general wear and tear over the years.

In doing so it’s also able to reignite the colour of wooden furniture that has been discoloured by the sun, for example.

The product comes in a 500 ml screw cap bottle, so you’ve got to watch that you don’t spill too much of the contents out at once.

In addition to this, the oily content is scented but the citrusy smell isn’t too bad, and it doesn’t linger for very long if you don’t like the aroma.

One small issue with this item is that when you apply the oil to a wooden surface, the oil gets absorbed by the wood (supposed to happen).

However, over the course of a few days you may notice that the shininess of the wood will also disappear as the oil continues to be absorbed.

In turn, you might have to re-treat the wood if this happens, so you keep the glossy finish for longer. 


7. Method Wood Polish Spray Cleaner

Sometimes the best way to take care of wooden products is to go back to the basics. To scrap the chemicals and to use non-toxic, plant-based ingredients that are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Method Wood Polish Spray Cleaner is exactly what you’re after if you fancy going down the greener route to polish and clean your wooden valuables.

Not only does the formula remove general dirt from surfaces, but it can revitalise and moisturise the wood, penetrate deep into the grain to protect it, and give the wood an overall shine.

Another striking feature of Method’s product is that it comes with a deep almond scent, which is a favourite with users. It also stays around for a long period of time, so you’ll get lasting freshness permeating throughout your home.

Further to this, a 354 ml spray bottle will see you through a fair few rounds of polishing, and the solution can be used on sealed wooden furniture and surfaces. It isn’t suitable, however, for flooring as the product can make the wood rather slippery.


Do You Need to Polish Wood Furniture?

Polishing can bring a real shine to wood furniture and it can also add a protective coating to the surface. In addition to this, some polishers can also remove dirt and bring colour back to wood.

It is worth polishing wooden furniture if you want it to have a glowing appearance, to feel smooth and to be protected for years to come. But if you don’t want to polish wooden items you don’t have to.


How Often Should You Polish Wood Furniture?

Every five to six weeks is usually more than enough when it comes to polishing wooden furniture. But you should aim to dust wooden furniture on a weekly basis to keep the grime away.

However, if you feel like your furniture is starting to dull or is getting dirty, you can clean and polish it sooner.



If we had to choose one product to recommend it would be Howard Feed N Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner. You’ll get plenty of use out of a 473 ml bottle, and the ingredients can bring out the best and protect wooden items. Although it’s one of the most expensive items on this list, it leaves wooden surfaces with a shiny, long-lasting finish.

However, Method Wood Polish Spray Cleaner is an excellent alternative because it can polish items to a good standard, it’s a greener alternative, and it’s vegan friendly and cruelty free.