How much do cleaners charge UK
How Much Do Cleaners Charge? (UK 2019)

If you’ve not got the time, resources, or energy to properly clean your own home, you may have considered bringing in a professional cleaner. Even if you can handle your own cleaning,…

Woman washing machine
Do Washing Machine Cleaners Work?

There are a lot of washing machine cleaner products on the market from brands such as Dr. Beckmann, Dettol and Calgon. But do these washing machine cleaners actually work? The short answer…

Laundry room
Best Washing Machine (2019 UK)

What’s the best washing machine to buy in the UK? In this guide we’ll look at what we consider to be the top 10 best washing machines on the market right now.…

Woman looking into washing machine
Are Washing Machines Supposed to Shake?

It’s normal for a washing machine to vibrate somewhat during the spin cycle, but if it is violently shaking this could mean there is a problem with your machine. Here are some…

Washing machine
Are Washing Machines a Standard Size?

A lot of people wonder, “are washing machines a standard size and if so, how big is a standard washing machine?” Are washing machines a standard size? Instead of being an exact…

Strongest Toilet Cleaner Products in the UK

These days more than ever before, we are hyper-aware of cleanliness. There is all manner of nasty bugs developing in front of our very eyes, with new diseases being discovered too. All…

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