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What Causes Carpet Moths

What Causes Carpet Moths?

Carpet moths are unwanted visitors. They come into the house and cause damage to everything they can reach, and they keep doing it until they’re eradicated! When trying to get rid of these pesky little blighters, it is essential to find out what causes carpet moths in the first place. This way you can get …

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E5 Error Code on Siemans Dishwasher

E5 Error Code on a Siemens Dishwasher – Causes and Solutions

Nobody wants to see an error code coming up on their dishwasher! I mean, who wants to be stuck with dirty dishes that need to be hand-washed?! But first things first, before you start trying to pull the dishwasher apart, you need to know what the error code means. Dishwashers, like many appliances today, come …

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Washing Net Curtains

How to Wash Net Curtains

Did you know a relatively easy and cost-effective way to spruce up your home is to clean your net curtains? Believe it or not, net curtains can actually hold a lot of dust and dirt, and if you don’t clean them regularly they start to look scruffy, old and worn down. Plus, they will stop …

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