Martin’s life revolves around films, dogs and food, but rarely all at the same time. At least two out of these three like to give clothes and furniture a hard time, and Martin enjoys discovering and writing about new ways to stop them doing their worst.

feather duster at ceiling

How to Clean Your Feather Duster

Feather dusters are super-useful. No, not just as comedy props for long-gone comics and TV personalities such as Larry Grayson. Feather dusters do the job very few other tools can do: they get rid of the dust that collects on valuables, without endangering the safety of the object itself. Not just this, but feather dusters

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dog bowls

How to Clean Dog Bowls

When you have a dog, it sometimes seems like your whole life can revolve around them. Between walks, feeding, playing with toys, training, grooming, trips to the vet and long heart-to-hearts going late into the night (OK, then, just me) it can be a case of one’s existence being decidedly dog-shaped. With this in mind,

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rubber duckies bath toys

How to Clean Bath Toys

You can’t beat a bit of bathtime fun. Rubber ducks have been responsible for more lathered-up larks than you can shake a loofah at. Indispensable when it comes to persuading children that it’s time for a bath, these toys are every parent’s helping hand. Playing with them is also enjoyed by the odd grown-up too.

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cat litter box

How to Clean a Cat Litter Box

Cats, it’s commonly remarked, are among life’s real independent souls. Often inscrutable, fiercely free-spirited and usually pretty much impossible to tame completely, a cat’s life is a wild life. Not every cat however is as fully wild as others. Not every one of them for instance is a fully paid-up member of the outside toilet

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