Martin’s life revolves around films, dogs and food, but rarely all at the same time. At least two out of these three like to give clothes and furniture a hard time, and Martin enjoys discovering and writing about new ways to stop them doing their worst.

bathroom jute rug

How to Clean a Jute Rug

Natural fibres. Aren’t they lovely? Especially when it comes to flooring made from grass. No, not a misguided attempt to have an indoor lawn. And definitely not an astroturf carpet. We’re talking about exotic grasses like sisal, seagrass, and, the material we’re concentrating on today, jute. Hardwearing and great-looking, jute is a great choice for

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beer for cleaning

Is Beer Good for Cleaning?

You may think beer’s good for drinking. Well, cheers to that, but there are other really good uses you can put beer to, so you’d better get another round in. You see, beer’s got alcohol in it. No kidding, right? The point is, alcohol has amazing cleaning properties, which is why rubbing alcohol features in

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vintage pewter candlestick

How to Clean Pewter

Time was, you couldn’t move for pewter. This tin alloy was the material of choice for the vessels of millions of ale swiggers and mead quaffers up and down the land. It may not be quite such a massively popular material nowadays, but you do still find it being used in ornaments and knick-knacks, so

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