toothpaste on carpet

How to Get Toothpaste Out of a Carpet

We’re all guilty of having a wander whilst doing our teeth. And before we know it, whether it’s a laugh, sneeze, or spillage, there’s toothpaste all over the floor! 

It’s very tempting to quickly scrub the toothpaste into the carpet and pretend nothing happened. However, that is not the answer! 

Read on to find out what needs to be done!

Spilling toothpaste luckily is no big deal, so there’s no need to worry.

get toothpaste out of carpet

However, the quicker you act the more likely it is that you’re able to completely remove the stain, so get shifting!

  1. Start by lifting all the excess toothpaste from the carpet (just use a cloth/kitchen roll/paper towel). Don’t rub the stain into the carpet!
  2. Dampen a clean towel or flannel with cold water. 
  3. Gently blot the toothpaste stain going from outside to centre (if it’s a tiny stain you don’t need to do this!). Don’t rub it into the carpet, as this will spread it in between the fibres!
  4. Continue to do this until the stain is gone. Remember to keep changing to clean sections of the towel so that you’re not re-rubbing toothpaste into the carpet. If the stain has gone then skip to step 7. 
  5. If the stain is particularly stubborn then it’s time to get the washing up liquid out!
    Add a few squirts of washing up liquid into some warm water and dip in a clean damp cloth.
    Gently blot the stain, rinse the cloth (or use a fresh one) and wipe the stain.
    Repeat until the stain has disappeared. Make sure not to saturate the carpet!
  6. Another option for a stubborn stain is white vinegar. Mix one part vinegar with four parts warm water.
    Dip a clean cloth into the solution and push the cloth into the stain. Leave the cloth over the stain for several minutes.
    After removing the cloth, use kitchen roll or paper towels to absorb any moisture then blot the area with a clean damp cloth (just water this time – no vinegar!).
    Use kitchen roll/paper towels to absorb any moisture.
  7. Allow the carpet to air dry.
  8. Vacuum the carpet – job’s a good’un!

If you had a bit of a slow reaction and the toothpaste has now dried, don’t panic! 

All you need to do is scrape away at the affected carpet with a butter knife and vacuum up what is leftover.