lint brush versus lint roller

Lint Brush vs. Roller – Which Works Best?

Lint removers are a staple in many people’s homes. Even if you don’t have pets, other dust and debris can build up on clothing and furniture.

But are you team lint brush or lint roller? If you’re on the fence or are wondering which option is best for you, read on as we tackle the age-old debate of lint brush vs roller.


The Differences Between Lint Brushes and Lint Rollers

lint brush and lint roller

Before finding out which product is the better choice, it’s useful to understand the difference between the two.

A lint brush is exactly what you’d imagine, a brush with soft bristles, like a hairbrush. However, some of the bristles are made from a special material that attracts dust, hair and debris.

These special bristles can only move in one direction so some models come with a brush head that can move in different directions.

In addition to the basic lint brush, there are some variations on this model. There are rubber brushes which you use in a circular motion to collect hair.

Newer models of lint brushes collect hair and dust and can then be cleaned or emptied with the press of a button.

Lint rollers, on the other hand, are a cylindrical shape on the end of a plastic handle. Wrapped around the cylindrical part is a sticky paper which is rolled along textiles to pick up dust and hair.

Once a layer of the sticky paper is full, it can be removed to reveal a new layer. You can also buy replacement rollers.


Lint Brushes vs. Lint Rollers

Now that we know the mechanics of both types of lint remover, we can compare them to find out which is better.

Lint brush

lint brush


  • More environmentally-friendly as you don’t need to replace any of its parts.
  • Doesn’t leave a sticky residue on fabric.
  • Less harsh than lint rollers as the bristles are softer.
  • A clothes brush can be used to remove buildup of dust and dirt in between washes, meaning that you can wash delicate garments like wool or cashmere less often.


  • As these brushes are softer, they require more time and effort to remove hair and dust from fabrics.


Lint roller

lint roller


  • Generally cheaper than a lint brush and more widely available.
  • Requires less time and effort to remove dirt and hair as is more efficient.


  • It’s thought that lint rollers leave some of the glue residue from the sticky paper on fabric, causing dirt and hair to stick to it again easily.
  • It’s also believed that this sticky residue can damage fabrics.


Which Is Best?

lint brush vs roller

The choice comes down to practicality, price and environmental impact.

Overall, a lint roller is the most effective tool for removing hair, dirt and dust quickly. However, it is a short-term solution as the residue from the glue can get stuck on fabrics and cause build up again.

Lint rollers are also less environmentally-friendly than brushes as they create paper waste that can’t be recycled.

For delicate fabrics or expensive pieces, a lint brush is the better option as the bristles are soft and won’t pull the fabric in the way that a lint roller will.

In terms of price, a lint roller will be cheaper up front as they are cheap to manufacture and widely available.

However, it’s worth comparing the prices as you have to pay for refills for a lint roller whereas a brush is a one-time cost.