dryer lint

What to Do with Dryer Lint – 8 Creative Uses for Lint

It’s important to clean out the lint drawer of your tumble dryer on a regular basis to ensure that the machine is fully functional, and to prevent possible fire hazards.

Most of the time the natural thing to do is simply throw the lint straight into the bin. However, there are actually a number of creative uses for the lint that you could try out instead of throwing it away.

The following list contains eight of the most useful and creative things that you can do with all the lint that comes out of your tumble dryer every time that you use it.


1. Fire Starter

dryer lint as fire starter

Having a last-minute barbeque and need a quick fire starter? Or maybe you’re regularly lighting the fire in the winter and buying fire starters is becoming a pricey operation? Finding an effective but free alternative is a great way to go!

It’s super easy to turn the lint into a neat and efficient fire starter. All you need is some old toilet rolls or any cardboard rolls at all. Push a fair amount of the dryer lint into the roll and use newspaper to wrap the whole roll and keep the lint inside.


2. Pet Bedding

hamster bedding

If you have a small rodent as a pet, such as a hamster, gerbil or rat then you know how often you have to change the bedding in their cages.

If you’re looking for a cosy and warm alternative to keep them comfortable in their cages, try using the dryer lint to line the inside.


3. Preventing Weed Growth or Erosion in the Garden

Dryer lint can also come in handy when you’re gardening. Lint from cotton, linen and flax is best in this case and can be used to prevent weed growth as well as erosion in parts of your garden that may be needing a little extra attention.


4. Composting


In addition, the same type of lint (cotton, linen and flax) is also a great addition to the compost heap. It is best to add it in even amounts across the top of the pile before wetting it and then mixing it into the compost with a spade or rake.


5. Stuffing Small Children’s Toys

dryer lint as stuff toy filler

If you enjoy easy crafts and have a child or know one that would enjoy a new stuffed animal, then why not try your hand at making one yourself?

Dryer lint can be saved up over time and used as stuffing in a toy for a child. This could be a new toy that you make on your own, or it could be part of a refurbishment operation for a toy that was looking floppy and a bit worse for wear.


6. Packing Material


Another creative but useful purpose for dryer lint is adding it to your packing boxes when you move. If you’re trying to find easy ways to cut costs while moving house, then this is an excellent way to do it.

If you start saving up the dryer lint in advance of your big move, you should be able to use it in a number of your boxes to keep your valuables safe and unbroken.


7. Soaking Up Spillages

dryer lint soaking up spillages

It’s also an option to keep a little stash of dryer lint to use only for accidental spills or leaks. It is very absorbent and can be used as a quick soaking cloth in a pinch. It will easily soak up water, oil or any other liquid.


8. Making Clay

making clay

The final creative use of your dryer lint is to turn it into something called “dryer clay”. This can be done by mixing equal parts of water and PVA (paper) glue together and adding a few drops of washing-up liquid.

Mix the dryer lint in slowly until the substance has the consistency of clay. Now it can be easily moulded into fun shapes and then left to dry, creating a fun and easy art project for you, or the kids!


Final Thoughts

Who would have thought there could be that many uses for dryer lint? Everything on the list is pretty straightforward and could be a fun project if you find yourself with extra time or in a pinch needing a replacement for packing material or pet bedding.