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Best Spin Dryers (UK)

A spin dryer might be one of the most underrated appliances for a UK household.

This compact but incredibly useful machine can greatly speed up the process of drying your load of laundry, but it takes up only a fraction of the space that a tumble dryer would!

This kind of machine is ideal for spaces that have limited space and will not allow for a larger machine like a tumble dryer, or for anyone who exclusively hand washes their clothes.

Here’s a list to break down the functionality of a spin dryer a little more, and to help you narrow down which model might be right for your household.


Best Spin Dryers in the UK

1. English Electric Gravity Drain Spin Dryer 28009WP

English Electric Gravity Drain Spin Dryer 28009EEWP 5.2kg A+++

Dimensions: H62 x W35 x D42 cm
Capacity: 5.2 kg
Spin Speed: 2800 rpm

The English Electric Gravity Drain Spin Dryer is the largest option on the list, with an impressive weight capacity of 5.2 kg and a spin speed of 2800 rpm.

This machine will be able to function perfectly in limited space, is quieter than most washing machines, and will swiftly remove the extra moisture from your clothes in order to make the line drying process much speedier.

The spin dryer has a lid that is easy to lock and has a full safety interlock system and a safety brake on the lid that will bring the machine to an instant stop before the lid can be opened, ensuring the machine is safe to operate around children.

The English Electric spin dryer also comes with a handy spin dryer guard that can be placed over your clothes in order to protect them during the spin cycle and ensure they don’t get tangled or damaged.

It also has a small drainage bowl that is stored easily inside the machine when it’s not in use that is designed to catch any excess water coming from the waterspout. Its rubber suction stabilising feet make sure that it doesn’t slide around in your small space.

In addition, this spin dryer only uses 30 watts of energy per cycle, which is ideal for anyone who is concerned about their electricity bills but needs their clothes to dry as quickly as possible. 


2. Montpellier MSD2800W

Montpellier MSD2800W | Freestanding 3kg 2800rpm Gravity Spin Dryer – White 16.5 x 16.5 x 23.5

Dimensions: H35 x W35 x D56 cm
Capacity: 3 kg
Spin Speed: 2800 rpm

The Montpellier MSD2800W is another compact machine that can be sat neatly on or under a counter or worktop and can be stored away in a cupboard when not in use. It has a load capacity of up to 3 kg and has a spin speed of 2800 rpm.

The machine has a robust stainless-steel drum and a stylish and sleek white design that would fit right into a small but modern space. When it is running. It uses gravity to draw all moisture out of the clothes before pouring it out of the machine into a drainage bowl.

This model weighs only 10 kg and has two convenient handles to allow for easy movement as well as a single hand safety switch to guarantee that the spin cycle will stop instantly before the lid can be opened.

Users have commented that they find the Montpellier machine pleasantly quiet and easy to use. They also say that the appliance is conveniently compact but still drastically speeds up the drying time of clothes.


3. Thomas 776 SEK Large Capacity 4.5kg Spin Dryer

Thomas 776 SEK Large Capacity 4.5kg Spin Dryer

Dimensions: H35 x W35 x D66 cm
Capacity: 4.5 kg
Spin Speed: 2800 rpm

The Thomas 776 SEK Large Capacity 4.5kg Spin Dryer is a German-made machine that offers the best quality drying methods.

This machine helps to drastically reduce any leftover washing liquid deposits that may have been lingering on your clothes from your wash cycle.

It also works swiftly and efficiently to get your clothes as dry as possible so that the time they spend on the drying line is greatly reduced.

The Thomas spin dryer also uses gravity to spin the drum at a speed of 2800 rpm to drain any excess water out of your clothes speedily and without using much electricity, lessening your dry time by up to an hour.

In addition, the machine helps to extend the life of various sensitive textiles, including wool, by being gentler on them than a tumble dryer would be.

The spin dryer is very handy because it is compact and can be used anywhere without being connected to a water source.

It also has a one-handed safety lever that will ensure the machine stops instantly if the lid is opened, guaranteeing that it is safe.

Users have mentioned that they found the Thomas spin dryer to be considerably louder than they expected but that overall, it was efficient in removing the excess water from their clothes.


How to Choose the Right Spin Dryer for You

There are significantly fewer spin dryer options on the market than there were in the past, but that doesn’t always make it easier to decide which one is the best option for your household.

There are a number of factors that could contribute to the type of machine you may need!

Looking for the most affordable option?

All three of the products on our list can be bought for under £200 (at the time of writing), but the cheapest option is the Montpellier MSD2800W Spin Dryer, which is still a highly trusted product but is understandably cheaper as it is smaller and can only take on a 3kg load.

How compact should it be?

Do you need your spin dryer to be the most compact option, one that will tuck away into a cupboard when you’re not using it? The best option for you would be the Thomas 776 SEK Large Capacity 4.5kg Spin Dryer, which weighs only 10kg.

This small machine can slide under a counter or into a cupboard without any difficulty and is very useful for anyone with a mobile home, a small flat, or even a boat.



There are several excellent options available when it comes to a spin dryer, but our favourite is the English Electric Gravity Drain Spin Dryer. It’s both the largest and priciest option, but is also incredibly reliable and can fit into compact spaces while still spinning up to 5.2 kg of clothes. That’s impressive!