30 degree celsius wash temperature

Does Washing at 30 Degrees Kill Bacteria?

A 30-degree wash on its own will not kill bacteria, as the water won’t be hot enough.

To kill bacteria in the washing machine, you either need a water temperature of 60 degrees Celsius or above, and/or a laundry sanitiser product that’s designed to kill germs.

You can kill bacteria on a 30-degree wash, but only if you add a laundry sanitiser product like Dettol Laundry Sanitiser, which can kill germs even at 20 Celsius. Cold water on its own won’t kill germs, however.

Running your machine at 30 degrees is cheaper and more energy efficient, but it’s not always the right temperature.


When Shouldn’t You Wash at 30 Degrees?

when to wash at 30 Degrees

Washing at 30 degrees is considered a cold wash. This may be more beneficial for certain types of clothes and may seem to be more energy efficient but there are several reasons why you should consider using a hotter wash cycle.

1. If you want to kill bacteria

If the clothing items that you are washing have been soiled, then you will need to use a hotter temperature to properly ensure that the germs are being fully eradicated. 30 degrees simply isn’t hot enough to ensure the germs will be killed.

A 60-degree wash is required to kill bacteria, unless you add a laundry sanitiser product.

2. If you want to remove certain stains

Washing your clothes at 30 degrees also doesn’t ensure that any marks or stains on your clothes will be properly removed.

Colder water isn’t very effective at removing certain stains, especially oil, grease, sweat and mud. It’s better to treat these stains with warmer water, as long as the fabric will tolerate it.



30 degree wash cycle

A 30-degree cycle on its own won’t kill bacteria, unless you add an antibacterial laundry sanitiser product.

Choose 60 degrees if you need to kill bacteria but don’t have any laundry sanitiser. Take care though, as 60 degrees can damage certain materials.

Be sure to always check the labels on your clothes and ensure that you are not washing anything at a higher temperature than suggested. Some items should not be washed at hotter than 30-degree temperatures.