Washing machine

What Temperature Kills Bacteria in the Washing Machine?

Many of us have heard that washing at 60°C is the best way to kill bacteria in our washing.  However, research has shown that washing at 60°C alone is not enough to kill the germs found in our dirty laundry. In fact, many viruses are resistant to washing at this temperature.  A further problem is that tests have shown some washing machines are often not even reaching 60°C.

So, how do we kill the bacteria in our washing? The most effective part of washing is in fact the cleaning effect of the detergent we use – so it’s worth finding a good detergent. Bleach-based laundry detergents are often recommended for their sanitising effect. Most health websites such as MRSA Action UK and the NHS now recommend using a bleach-based laundry product and washing clothes, bedding and linen at the hottest recommended temperature.