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How Long Does It Take to Dry Clothes with a Hair Dryer?

If you need to dry an item of clothing but don’t have a tumble dryer or time to air dry it, you can use a hair dryer!

Yep, you can use the same gadget you use to dry your hair after washing it to dry your outfits.

But the burning question is, how long will a hair dryer take to dry laundry?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an exact answer because you need to consider four important factors, which we’ll explore below.


Things That Affect How Long It Will Take to Dry Clothes with a Hair Dryer

How wet is the garment to start with?

The wetter your item of clothing is, the longer it will take to dry using the hair dryer method.

If you want to dry clothes quickly with a hair dryer, they should only be slightly damp after you have washed them.

By removing excess liquid from your laundry first, for example by using the spin cycle on your washing machine, you will speed up the drying process.

If you don’t do this, you could be there for an hour, if not longer, trying to dry a sopping wet item of clothing with a hair dryer.


What type of fabric are you drying?

The type of fabric you’re trying to dry with a hair dryer will also play a role in how long the drying process takes.

Heavy materials, like cotton and denim, will take much longer to dry than lighter materials. So, don’t assume that all your clothes will dry at the same rate!

That being said, you must be careful when drying delicate materials, like silk, because you can easily scorch them with a hair dryer if you’re not careful!

damp laundry


What type of item are you drying?

In addition, the type of item you’re attempting to dry with a hair dryer can also affect the drying time of the garment.

For example, if you’ve got a large item that’s got lots of pockets, tassels, and zips that need to be opened up and dried out, you’ll have to dedicate more drying time to this item compared to a t-shirt that just has a back and a front to dry.


What drying technique will you use?

What drying technique you use to dry your laundry with a hair dryer will also determine how long the drying task takes.

For example, if you continuously move the hair dryer around so you dry your garment evenly, you could dry it out in a few minutes.

But if you hold the hair dryer in one spot and don’t move it around, you’ll end up with a patchy, sort-of-dried item that won’t really be dry!

Ultimately, you’ll have to repeat the hair dryer process or choose another drying technique to sort the issue out.


How to Dry Clothes with a Hair Dryer

drying clothes with a hair dryer

If you plan on using a hair dryer to dry your wet laundry, you should remove as much excess moisture from your garments first.

Once you’ve done this, you can either lay one item at a time on a flat surface or hang it up, step away from the garment and start blow-drying it.

When drying clothes with a hair dryer, you should use a low to medium heat so you don’t scorch or shrink the material.

You should also move the dryer all over the garment to dry it evenly. You shouldn’t hold the dryer in one place for too long!

See our guide on how to use a hair dryer to dry clothes for some more tips.


Can a Hair Dryer Dry Clothes In 15 Minutes?

dry clothes in 15 minutes

A hair dryer can dry some clothes in 15 minutes. To dry clothes so quickly, you will need to extract as much moisture from your wet item as possible first, make sure that your garment is placed on a flat surface/hung up, and then stand back and use a low to medium heat to blow dry the item.


Can a Hair Dryer Dry Clothes In 30 Minutes?

dry clothes in 30 minutes

A hair dryer can dry clothes in 30 minutes.

In 30 minutes, you’ll be able to dry several lightweight clothes. You should be able to dry one or two heavier items, garments made from thicker materials like cotton and denim, for example.

That being said, to make the most out of this situation, you must extract most of the moisture from your wet item(s), hang them up or lay them flat on a surface, and then you can proceed with drying them using a low to medium heat.


Will a Hair Dryer Dry Damp Clothes?

Yes, a hair dryer will be able to dry damp clothes. Clothes that are just damp rather than sopping wet are better candidates for drying with a hair dryer.

If clothes are overly-wet, they will take an age to dry, and using a hair dryer to dry said items isn’t the best idea!


Will a Hair Dryer Shrink Clothes?

man with shrunk shirt and hair dryer

A hair dryer can potentially shrink your clothes. This tends to happen when you try to dry a delicate fabric, hold the dryer for too long in one spot, or use a temperature that is too hot!

If you use a low to medium heat and continuously move the hair dryer back and forth over an item of clothing, you should be able to avoid this issue.