How to Wash a Regatta Waterproof Jacket

How to Wash a Regatta Waterproof Jacket

If you’ve been rambling around in the Lake District, trekking through the Highlands, and wandering across the beaches in Cornwall, your faithful Regatta jacket has probably taken a pounding from all the different British elements! 

Rain, mud, sleet and sand… you name it your jacket is caked in it. So, now it’s time to restore your trusted shield – it’s time for it to go into the wash

So, how do you wash a Regatta waterproof jacket? Stick with me and I’ll explain how. 

How to Wash a Regatta Waterproof Jacket

Washing your Regatta jacket is very straightforward. Just check your jacket’s clothing label and follow the advice that’s on there. 

Try not to deviate from it too much because this may cause damage to your waterproof jacket. And since waterproof jackets usually come with a price tag, it’s better not to ruin it in the wash. 

Keep on reading for an in-depth guide to washing your Regatta waterproof jacket.

How to Wash a Regatta Waterproof Jacket

What you need:

Steps to take:

  1. Locate your jacket’s clothing tag and read the instructions thoroughly. 
  2. You’ll be told exactly how to wash your jacket and what not to do here. (Not sure about what all the symbols mean, don’t worry, you can read our quick guide to familiarise yourself!).
  3. Waterproof jackets from Regatta can usually be washed on 40℃, but you could reduce this to 30℃ to save on the pennies – set the heat setting up on your washing machine now.
  4. Before washing your Regatta jacket, you need to make sure that all of your jacket’s pockets are empty. Check the outside pockets, breast pockets and any hidden pockets. 
  5. Next, zip up all your pockets and re-fasten any straps that are flapping around. 
  6. When you’ve done this, you can start to brush off any obvious dirt. For example, dried mud or sand. You can do this with your hand, a cloth or with a very soft brush. 
  7. If you need to, you can grab a cloth, soak it in some warm water and then rub any debris off your coat. But it’s not always essential to do this step.
  8. Now, go back over to your washing machine and make sure that it’s empty of other clothes and cleaning products. Other garments and normal detergent can impact the effectiveness of the waterproof coating on your jacket and could spoil it. 
  9. Add your waterproof jacket to the washing machine.
  10. Add your cleaning product to the machine as well. For Regatta jackets it’s recommended that you use their Regatta Wash-In Garment Cleaner. It has been created to clean waterproof items, it’s pH neutral and it can be used to clean other waterproof items as well.  
  11. You should follow the instructions on the bottle to ensure that you pop the correct amount of product in for the load you’re washing. 
  12. It’s worth choosing a slow cycle, rather than a fast and intense cycle when washing your waterproof jacket in the washing machine. This will prevent too much harm from coming to your jacket as it’s being washed. 
  13. Run the cycle and wait until the machine has finished. Then pull your jacket out and follow the aftercare steps below. 


Aftercare – Drying and Maintaining Your Waterproof Jacket

Drying and Maintaining Your Waterproof Jacket

Drying your Regatta waterproof jack is equally as important as washing it. To dry your waterproof jacket the best option is always to let it air dry

For this you’ll need to find a coat hanger and place your jacket on it. Then either pop the jacket on the line outside to dry, or hang it up in the bathroom with the window open, so it can dry naturally. This process shouldn’t take too long, especially if you’ve chosen a breezy day to wash your jacket on.

You should not tumble dry a waterproof jacket to speed the process up, because this will damage the waterproof coating on the coat. 

Doing so will inevitably lead to the jacket leaking, and it will not keep you dry. You would need to re-apply some waterproof coating to dampen these effects. But it’s always better to avoid tumble drying your jacket in the first place. 

In addition to drying your jacket naturally, you may also need to pop another layer of waterproof coating onto it. This will reinforce the already existing coating, and it will help to keep your jacket waterproof and performing at its best for longer. 

You can buy Regatta’s own reproofer to do the job, or you can pick another reproofing product. Products like Mountval Textile Shield and Nikwax Tx. Direct Spray On Waterproofer are also great options. 


The Don’ts When Washing A Regatta Waterproof Jacket

Donts When Washing A Regatta Waterproof Jacket

Here’s a list of don’ts that you really need to consider when washing and drying your Regatta waterproof jacket: 

  • Don’t use biological washing powders because they’ll damage the waterproof layer on your jacket. 
  • Don’t use fabric softener because it will also damage the waterproof layer on your jacket.
  • Don’t tumble dry your jacket, because the intense heat will destroy the waterproof coating. 
  • Don’t iron your waterproof jacket. Just give your jacket a good shake and hang it up
  • Don’t bleach your Regatta waterproof jacket.
  • Don’t dry clean your jacket, unless your clothing tag says it’s safe to do so.


Is it Possible to Remove a Stain from a Regatta Waterproof Jacket Using a Stain Remover?

Stain removers should be avoided when it comes to Regatta waterproof jackets. The chemicals that are used in these products are not suitable for waterproof jackets

If you decide to use these items your waterproof coating will likely disappear, and perhaps your jacket will become discoloured. 

Try the method above to wash stains out of your jacket.