washing machine mixed load setting

What Is the Mixed Load Setting on a Washing Machine?

Modern washing machines are manufactured to have a lot of settings. However, let’s be honest, most of us only make use of around 3 of them! 

Not to worry though. Read on to learn what a mixed load is and when to use it!

The purpose of a mixed load is to wash a variety of fabrics at the same time, whether they’re cotton or synthetics. It’s typically set at a temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius and maximum spin cycle. 

A mixed load isn’t suitable for delicate items such as silk or wool, or for mixing colours that could run i.e. a white shirt and a bright red jumper.

mixed load setting in washing machine

The mixed load setting is primarily for easy care items such as denim, linen, cotton and sports kits, for example. 

As with any washing or drying setting, if you’re unsure, remember to check the care labels before mixing any garments together! 

Opting for a mixed load is a great way to save both time and energy when washing laundry. However, be careful not to mix the wrong items together as they will become damaged. 

That’s one more setting that we can tick off the list. Hopefully one day we’ll learn how to use all of them!