permanent press

What Does Permanent Press Mean?

Permanent press is one of those terms that most people have heard of, but what does it actually mean? When should it be used and how do you do it?! Read on to find out!


What Is Permanent Press?

Permanent press is simply a setting on a washing machine or dryer that aims to reduce any creases or wrinkles in your clothes during the wash or drying cycle. 

Some washing machines may refer to it as ‘casual’ or “wrinkle control”, but they all do the same thing. 

It does this by combining a slow spin cycle with warm water. The warm water relaxes and separates the creases, whilst the slow spin cycle prevents new ones from forming. 

The permanent press setting on your dryer works by using a medium heat and takes longer to cool down, in order to reduce those pesky creases.


How to Use the Permanent Press Setting

perm press setting

Washing machine

Here’s how to use the permanent press setting on a washing machine:

  1. Separate your laundry based on colours, fabrics and care label instructions (i.e., permanent press). 
  2. Load your washing into your machine and fill the correct drawer compartment with detergent as you would usually (and fabric softener if you use that too). 
  3. Select the permanent press option and press start. Super easy! 
  4. Once the wash cycle has finished, remove the laundry items as soon as possible to prevent any creases forming as it settles in the drum! 

Tumble dryer

Here’s how to use the permanent press setting on a tumble dryer:

  1. Select the permanent press setting and load the appropriate items (based on care label instructions). If they are non-wrinkle you can just hang them to air dry. 
  2. Start the cycle and let it run.
  3. Once the cycle has completed, remove and hang your garments promptly to avoid any last minute wrinkles!


When Should You Use the Permanent Press Setting?

tumble dryer anti crease setting

As always, the number one rule is to check the care label! Permanent press is generally suitable for clothing made out of synthetic fibres. This includes polyester, nylon, acrylic, rayon, or blended materials such as synthetic and natural fibres. 

Avoid using permanent press with delicate items though. Use the ‘delicates’ option on your machine instead, or hand wash to avoid any damage! 

Permanent press is a confusing name but it’s super easy to use. Enjoy your crease-free clothing!