no permanent press cycle on washing machine

What to Do If There’s No Permanent Press Cycle on Your Washing Machine

Permanent press is a washing machine setting designed to reduce the number of creases and wrinkles that form in your laundry during the washing process.

Some machines label the setting as ‘casual’ or ‘wrinkle control’; they all do the same thing.

casual cycle or permanent press cycle

The key to reducing wrinkles is combining warm water, which relaxes and separates any creases, with a slow spin cycle that prevents new creases from forming.

However, it is possible that your washing machine doesn’t have a permanent press feature. What happens then?

If there isn’t a permanent press option on your washing machine, it’s best to choose a setting with similar characteristics to the permanent press i.e. a slow spin cycle and warm water.

delicate wash cycle

Selecting ‘delicates’ is a good option for this. Choose 40 degrees Celsius and a low spin speed i.e. 400 – 800 rpm. Remember to not overload the drum, as this could cause more wrinkles to form.

It is important that your laundry isn’t left to sit in the drum for too long after the cycle has finished, so make sure you’re available to remove it as soon as possible.

For best results, untangle and shake your clothing before hanging to air dry.