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What Is Considered a Hot Wash Temperature in the UK?

These days, we are often encouraged to wash our laundry at 30 degrees Celsius where possible, in order to save on energy for financial or environmental reasons, and improve the longevity of our clothing.

This works well for the majority of washing, but sometimes a cold or warm wash just doesn’t cut the mustard! That’s where the hot wash comes in – but how hot is a hot wash and when do we need to use one?!

Anything upwards of 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit) is considered a hot wash in the UK.

Hot water is great for killing bacteria, which is ideal for washing your bedding after illness, for example.

As with anything there are pros and cons to using a hot wash.


Pros of Hot Washes

Pros of Hot Washes

  • Kills bacteria
  • Good stain removal for certain types of stain. Chocolate, coffee, wine, and water or oil-based stains are safe in a hot wash.
  • Great for heavily soiled items (care label permitting!), such as underwear, towels and bedding


Cons of Hot Washes

Cons of Hot Washes

  • Causes colours to fade
  • Damages certain fabrics – Don’t put delicates on a hot wash, and always check the care label!
  • Higher energy usage, which is bad for the environment and your bank account
  • Causes clothes to wrinkle
  • Can make certain stains worse. Don’t use a hot wash to remove blood, berry or sauce stains!



60 Degrees on Washing Machine Dial

A hot wash of 60 degrees Celsius is great when used in the right circumstance, but doesn’t need to be used as often as a 30- or 40-degree wash. This is good news for your bank account!

 As always, remember to check the care label on any items that you’re unsure about. Enjoy!