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Standard Tumble Dryer Dimensions in the UK

Whether you’re looking for a tumble dryer for a new home or just need to replace your old one, you might have found yourself wondering about their sizes. Are tumble dryers a standard size in the UK? Let’s find out.


Standard Tumble Dryer Dimensions

Freestanding tumble dryers

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Average height: 85 cm (this is the listed height, but the dryer will usually be slightly smaller so it can fit under an 85 cm countertop)
Average width: 59.65 cm
Depth: 60 cm

For many households, a freestanding tumble dryer is the most flexible option as it gives you the ability to move it around your home if needed.

Standard freestanding tumble dryers should comfortably fit under a standard height kitchen countertop at 85 cm high and 60 cm wide.

The depth of a freestanding tumble dryer can vary from 46 to 70 cm depending on the model and brand of your choice, but the majority of models will be around 60 cm deep.

To calculate these averages, we looked at 10 of the most popular freestanding tumble dryers in a range of capacities (7 to 10 kg) and a range of types (vented, condenser and heat pump).

We took the median value rather than the mean, as this reflects the most common dimensions and discounts outliers.

See the data in the table below:

Freestanding Tumble Dryers Average Dimensions

ModelHeight (cm)Width (cm)Depth (cm)
Beko DTLCE80021W 8Kg Condenser Dryer84.659.756.8
Hotpoint NTM1192SKUK 9Kg Heat Pump Dryer84.959.565.5
Indesit I2D81WUK 8Kg Condenser Dryer8559.561
Hoover HLEC10TG 10Kg Condenser Dryer856060
Haier HD90-A2979S 9Kg Heat Pump Dryer84.559.560
Hoover HLEV10LG 10Kg Vented Dryer856060
Zanussi ZTE7101PZ 7Kg Vented Dryer856060
Hotpoint H2D71WUK 7Kg Condenser Dryer8559.561
Sharp KD-GCB8S7GB9-EN 8Kg Condenser Dryer60.959.660.9
Samsung Series 5 DV9BTA020AE 9Kg Heat Pump Dryer856060
Average (median)8559.6560


Integrated tumble dryers

integrated washer or dryer

Average height: 82.7 cm
Average width: 59.6 cm
Depth: 46.7 cm

Integrated tumble dryers are less common as they are usually trickier to install.

However, like their freestanding counterparts, a standard integrated tumble dryer should still fit comfortably under the kitchen countertop.

Integrated tumble dryers are usually 82 to 85 cm tall, or 82.7 cm on average, and slightly less than 60 cm wide.

They are a very similar height and width to freestanding models, but aren’t as deep. On average, an integrated tumble dryer is 46.7 cm deep.

To calculate these averages, we looked at the dimensions of five of the most popular integrated tumble dryers.

We took the median value rather than the mean, as this reflects the most common dimensions.

See the data in the table below:

Integrated Tumble Dryers Average Dimensions

ModelHeight (cm)Width (cm)Depth (cm)
Baumatic BBTDH7A1TE Integrated 7Kg Heat Pump Dryer856048.7
Hoover H-DRY 300 BATDH7A1TCE 7Kg Heat Pump Dryer8259.646.5
Hoover BATDH7A1TCEB 7Kg Heat Pump Dryer 82.759.646.5
Beko DTIKP71131W Integrated 7Kg Heat Pump Dryer84.659.750.8
Candy BCTDH7A1TCEB 7Kg Heat Pump Dryer 82.759.646.7
Average (median)82.759.646.7


Compact Tumble Dryers

Compact Tumble Dryers

Average height: 58.7 cm
Average width: 49.2 cm
Depth: 41.5 cm

Compact tumble dryers are 58.7 cm high, 49.2 cm wide and 41.5 cm deep on average.

Regular freestanding tumble dryers are about 60 cm wide and 60 cm deep, so compact tumble dryers are useful in small spaces.

These tumble dryers tend to have a capacity of less than 4 kg; with some, like this Russell Hobbs tumble dryer, having a capacity of just 2.5 kg.

These tumble dryers are designed for use in smaller spaces and can be used on the countertop instead of underneath.

To calculate these averages, we looked at the dimensions of five of the most popular compact tumble dryers.

We took the median value rather than the mean, as this reflects the most common dimensions and prevents outliers from affecting the number calculated.

See the data in the table below:

Compact Tumble Dryers Average Dimensions

ModelHeight (cm)Width (cm)Depth (cm)
Russell Hobbs RH3VTD800S 2.5kg Compact Tumble Dryer58.549.541.5
Indesit NIS 41 V 4kg Load Compact Tumble Dryer674948
electriQ Mini Tabletop Compact 2.5kg Tumble Dryer58.749.239.6
Cookology CMVD25BK Mini Tumble Dryer 2.5kg58.549.541.5
Hotpoint NV4D 01 P Freestanding Dryer 4kg674948
Average (median)58.749.241.5


Tumble Dryer Dimension FAQs

Are tumble dryers a standard size?

The height and width of a tumble dryer is standard across sizes. The standard height is just less than 85 cm, and the standard width is just less than 60 cm.

Some integrated tumble dryers may be a centimetre or two shorter, but that will be all.

The only dimension that varies a lot is the depth, which will vary depending on the capacity of the tumble dryer’s drum.

What is the average depth of a tumble dryer?

Most tumble dryers are about 60 cm deep. However, the depth of either a freestanding or integrated tumble dryer can vary greatly from just 46 cm to 68 cm, depending on what drum capacity you have chosen.

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Do I need to allow extra space for a vented tumble dryer?

Generally speaking, yes. You will need to add a few extra centimetres to the depth to make sure there is space for the tumble dryer’s vent and hose.

If you’re unsure, check with the manufacturer to make sure the appliance will fit in its chosen space.

How do I measure for a new tumble dryer?

First, double check that the height and width of the space under your kitchen counter is sufficient for the appliance.

As most tumble dryers (both integrated and freestanding) have a standard width and height that correlates to the typical integrated kitchen cupboard, most tumble dryers should fit fine; the dimension you really need to be careful with is the depth.

When you are checking whether or not a tumble dryer is too deep for the space, add 3 cm to the depth quoted by the manufacturer before comparing to allow space for pipes and other connections.

Does the tumble dryer’s capacity affect its size?

Like washing machines and dishwashers, tumble dryers are available in a range of capacities, and whilst you might think this could have a huge impact on the appliance’s overall size, it actually doesn’t have as much of an impact as you’d expect.

Generally speaking, tumble dryers are all designed to fit underneath a standard kitchen countertop, which means they should not be any taller than 85 cm and no more than 60 cm wide.

The only dimension the tumble dryer’s capacity will actually influence is the depth. Smaller tumble dryers can be less than 50 cm deep, whilst larger capacities could be closer to 70 cm deep. There is some variation depending on whether you are looking at a freestanding or an integrated tumble dryer, but not that much!