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What Is the ‘Air Dry’ or ‘Air Fluff’ Setting on a Tumble Dryer?

If you got a new tumble dryer recently, you might have noticed the ‘air dry’ or ‘air fluff’ setting on the control panel and wondered what it is.

Different companies call this setting different things, but we’re just going to refer to it as the ‘air dry’ setting in this article.

Both ‘air dry’ and ‘air fluff’ function exactly the same way. So, if your tumble dryer has an air fluff setting, the info below will still be of use.


What Does the Air Dry Setting Do?

tumble dryer air fluff setting

The air dry setting on your tumble dryer uses room-temperature air in the drum. So, the tumble dryer doesn’t heat up the air at all. Instead, the dryer draws in air from the room during the cycle.

This may not sound like the best setting to use to dry clothes. And certainly, if you are in a rush, making sure this setting is turned off will ensure that your clothes dry quicker.

However, there are some very practical ways of using the air dry setting to your advantage.


When to Use the Air Dry Setting

tumble dryer air fluff setting

If you want to freshen up some clothes without washing them, you can use the air dry setting. The tumble dryer will spin as normal, but the air won’t heat up. This will still remove creases and minor odours from the clothes but won’t heat the fabric up and potentially shrink it.

Another great way of using the air dry setting is if you want to remove pet hair from your clothes.

Your tumble dryer will still remove the pet hair really well in this mode, and the clothes will be ready to wear the moment you take them out of the dryer.

pet hair on clothes

Delicate clothes can also be dried using this setting. If you have some clothes that can’t be tumble dried because of the heat, this is an excellent setting to use.

It will be nice and gentle on the clothes, they won’t shrink or become damaged, and they will dry faster than hanging them up.

When the weather is really hot, you may even be able to use this setting to dry clothes really quickly and save yourself some electricity fully!

So, the air dry setting on your tumble dryer is ideal for getting rid of fluff and hair, freshening up clothes and drying delicates.


In Conclusion

tumble dryer program dial

The air dry setting on a tumble dryer is one step below the lowest heat setting that the dryer has.

It is designed to be used when you want to take advantage of the spinning motion of the dryer and less so of the heat settings.

We hope this look at the air dry setting on your tumble dryer has been helpful. For more information just like this about common settings on tumble dryers and washing machines, please explore our website further.

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