things on top of washing machine

Can You Put Things on Top of a Washing Machine?

If space is limited in your home, making the best possible use of every nook and cranny is vital for a happy lifestyle.

So, what about storing things on top of the washing machine? Can you put things there to save space, or could this damage them or your washing machine?

Yes, you can put things on top of a washing machine, but there are some things you should bear in mind in order to do it safely.

things on top of washing machine

How to Put Things on Top of Your Washing Machine Safely

1. Keep the load balanced

Be careful about what you put on top of your washing machine. Make sure it is heavy and balanced enough so that it won’t come loose and fall off when you turn on the washer.

2. Use a brace or support system

You might consider adding some sort of brace or a support system to help things stay put. If you don’t, then you could end up having whatever is on top fall off when you wash your clothes. 

This can easily damage items, or even damage to your washing machine and make it stop working properly.

3. Other considerations

Whether you can put things on top of a washing machine really comes down to three things: how much weight your machine can handle, how heavy the items are, and how well secured they are from vibrations.

You want to make sure that the top of your washing machine isn’t too crowded with all sorts of stuff.

You also don’t want to put any kind of bulky loose items on top of it because they can cause damage if they vibrate too much during the spin cycle. You can damage your washer if they get moved around too much.


Is it Safe to Put Your Microwave on Top of the Washing Machine?

Microwave on Top of Washing Machine

Yes, it is possible to use the microwave on top of the washing machine. There are a few things you need to keep an eye on though. Here is what you need to know if you want to put your microwave on top of your washing machine.

Don’t put a microwave on top of a top-loading washing machine

When installing a microwave on a washer, we mean machines of the front-loading type. If you put a microwave on a machine with a top-loading machine, you will have to move it every time you open the door.

Don’t put your microwave on top of a washing machine if it is large or heavy

Heavy objects should not be placed on the front-loading machine according to manufacturers.

Microwaves can be heavy, but manufacturers are trying to make them lighter and lighter as time goes on. There are two types of microwaves, small and large, each weighing between 5 and 18 kilograms.

Putting a large microwave on a washing machine is not a good idea. It is safer to put the oven on the countertop or even on some brackets.

If placed on top of the machine, the large weight of the microwave can create a large moment of inertia when it vibrates. This will cause the oven to slowly move to the edge of the machine, and possibly topple off.

Consider the effects on the washing machine’s electronics

The effect microwaves have on the electronic unit of the washing machine is an important consideration, although most experts suggest that the washing machine chip will not be damaged by the radiation since the housing and reflectors inside the microwave protect them.

So, you can use your microwave on top of your washer, as long as you consider all the implications.


Accessories to Make Better Use of the Top of Your Washing Machine

A Universal Stacking Kit like this one from Wpro is a solution that is designed to save space in the house by installing a tumble dryer above a washing machine.

The kits are perfect for stacking your tumble dryer on top of your washing machine, where additional space is needed. A slide-out shelf is included in many of the kits to help you load or unload your washing machine.

The Universal Stacking Kits are only designed for front-loading machines, and the best kits include a clamping mechanism for extra security. Most are relatively easy to install by even a novice.

These are relatively low-cost items but can save significant amounts of space in the confined space of a kitchen or laundry room.

If you need more space above your washing machine, these kits are perfect.


Final Thoughts

Laundry is not a fun activity, but it is a necessary one, and maximising the space in your kitchen or laundry room can make the process more efficient and easier.