Washing Machine Drawer Filling with Water

Washing Machine Drawer Filling with Water – Causes and Solutions

If your washing machine detergent or fabric conditioner drawer is suddenly filling up with water and causing issues at the end of your wash cycle, there could be a number of reasons behind this happening.

It is relatively normal for some water to remain in the drawer after the cycle ends, but if the drawer is still full of water at the end, then there is likely a larger problem to deal with.


Why Is Your Washing Machine Drawer Filling with Water?

It is normal for the fabric conditioner drawer to fill completely with water during the cycle, and if the drawer is entirely water, without any traces of the conditioner, then you know that the machine is still fulfilling its purpose.

However, the water should not be remaining in the drawer, even if it is clean water. The following are a few common causes that could be behind your drawer filling up with water when you set your wash cycle to go.

1. Blocked pipe

washing machine drawer pipe

The drawer in the machine should have a tube at the back that is designed to drain the water back out of the drawer when all the detergent or fabric conditioner has been pushed over the edges and into the drum.

If that tube is not functioning correctly then there is a high chance that the water will be trapped in the drawer and will be unable to drain out. This can lead to more severe issues if left unfixed.

The main cause of this blockage is that your detergent or fabric conditioner has started to congeal inside the pipe and is not allowing the water to move through it any longer.

The solution to this problem is to give these pipes a proper deep clean. If you can find the instructions for your washing machine, then the easiest way to ensure a proper cleaning would be to follow the guidelines for removing the drawer from the machine completely.

If you can take the drawer out of the machine, then it will be easier to see what you are dealing with in terms of the cleaning process.

Once the drawer is removed from the machine make sure to clean it thoroughly and eradicate all traces of old or hardened detergent or fabric conditioner. This will be best done with hot water and soap, using a sponge or scrubbing brush to get into the tighter spaces.


2. Missing tube cover/cap

washing machine drawer syphon tube

Another issue that could be causing the tube at the back of the drawer to malfunction is if the detergent drawer dispenser siphon tube cap or cover is broken or missing.

If your machine has one of these covers and there is something wrong with it, it could mean that the tube attached to the drawer will be unable to siphon the water away at the end of the wash cycle.

The solution to this issue would be to either fix or replace the cover or cap and to be sure that the siphon process is running smoothly again.

This may be a quick and simple process with an easy replacement part, but if you’re not confident in your knowledge of your washing machine you may prefer to rely on a professional to install it.


Washing Machine Drawer repair


If you’ve tried each of the options on this list and the drawer is still full of water at the end of your wash cycle, then you may need to consult a professional to figure out if there may be a deeper issue that could become more serious if left unattended.