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Is It OK to Put a Washing Machine Under the Stairs?

If you lack a bit of space in your home, making the most of the space that you have by keeping your larger appliances hidden away makes a lot of sense.

If your kitchen is small, you might be considering keeping your larger appliances outside the kitchen. And you may be thinking that under the stairs is a great space for your washing machine.

After all, if this space is currently unused, and it’s big enough for your washing machine, what’s the harm?

Let’s find out if it’s such a good idea or not.


Can You Keep a Washing Machine Under the Stairs?

putting tumble dryer under the stairs

You can certainly put your washing machine under the stairs if you have space. It will perform just as well under your stairs as in your kitchen, for example.

However, putting your washing machine under the stairs does come with a few considerations, which we’ll discuss below.


Potential Issues with Keeping a Washing Machine Under the Stairs

1. It could be costly

If the plumbing for your washing machine isn’t anywhere near the place you want to put it, you will need to have a plumber come in and install the washing machine drain line and water line in the correct place.

While prices for this vary depending on what plumber you use or even where you are located in the UK, this could cost a pretty penny.

If you have a toilet nearby, the plumber could tap into this water line and drain line, and this may bring the cost down. However, it will still cost a lot more than a normal washing machine installation.

You’ll also need to factor in the additional costs of hiding the washing machine from view (if you intend to do this).

If you plan on installing a door to hide the washing machine, this will also factor into the cost of putting your washing machine under the stairs, as well as replacing any trim and skirting needed to complete the look.

dryer under the stairs


2. You may have limited access to the washing machine

Depending on which part of the stairs the washing machine is located, you may have very limited access to the washing machine itself.

If you put the washing machine into the smallest opening possible, you may not have access to the top of the machine.

This means that washing your clothes can be frustrating as you won’t be able to put the washing basket (or anything else) on the top of the machine.

You may also lack storage for your laundry detergent, colour catcher cloths and more. So, you may need to store these elsewhere, perhaps in the kitchen, for example. This can make washing your clothes a bit more of a chore.


3. Your tumble dryer and washing machine may be in different areas of the home

While putting a washing machine underneath your stairs is a great space saving idea, putting a tumble dryer under there generally isn’t recommended.

Tumble dryers can be a fire risk, so placing them under the stairs in your home can potentially put everyone’s life in danger.

If the tumble dryer does catch fire and people are upstairs, it may mean they can’t get out the house safely.

This means that if your washing machine is under the stairs, it might be a long way away from your tumble dryer.

This is only a slight inconvenience, but this can make all the difference to how much you enjoy washing your clothes!

tumble dryer under the stairs


In Conclusion

Yes, you can put a washing machine under your stairs, and it is a great way of using unused space and saving space in other rooms.

If you don’t have the largest of kitchens, putting your washing machine under the stairs could be a great solution to keeping your kitchen as open as possible.

However, there are some considerations to keep in mind, mainly that washing clothes may be a bit more frustrating, and the installation costs may be higher if a plumber needs to relocate the drain and water line of your washing machine.

So, while you can put your washing machine under the stairs, have a think about whether this is the right location in your home, and whether there may be a better solution for you.

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