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Pouring fabric softener

When Does Fabric Softener Get Released in the Wash Cycle?

Most washing machines follow a similar pattern when it comes to releasing washing products at the correct time. Unsurprisingly, laundry detergent is released during the main wash cycle, but what about fabric softener? In this article, we’ll answer the question, when does fabric softener get released in the wash cycle.   When Does Fabric Softener

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gold jewellery

How to Polish Gold

Gold jewellery can last for hundreds of years, but it needs cleaning regularly to keep it looking its best. Compared to other metals, gold is fairly delicate and needs careful attention to get it shining again. So, on that note, let’s cover how to polish gold. This method will work on jewellery of all sizes.

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Wool jumpers

How to Dry a Wool Sweater

Wool sweaters are great for the colder months and, provided they’re cared for properly, don’t need washing that often. You’ve probably found instructions for how to wash wool, as it’s well known to need cold and gentle washes. But what do you do with it once the wash has finished? That’s what we’ll discuss in

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tiles with black paint stain

How to Get Paint Off Tiles

When painting, it’s always a good idea to throw down some dust sheets to protect your flooring. But if the worst happens and you spill some paint, it’s worth knowing how to remove it. Of course, different floors require different removal methods. In this article, we’ll look at how to get paint off tiles, which

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