Best Floor Polish for Hardwood Floors

Best Floor Polish for Hardwood Floors (UK)

Taking care of hardwood floors can be a challenge. Everyday use can leave your floors looking a little worse for wear, so it’s important to have a product you can depend on to bring life back to the wood.

The issue comes when choosing this product. You want to protect your floors from the stains and heavy traffic, but you certainly don’t want to spoil the look that has been created over many years of use either.

So, what do you do? Which products are the best to use when you want to preserve the beauty of hardwood floors while protecting them from stains and general wear and tear? Well, we’ve compiled a list of the best floor polish for hardwood floors available in the UK below. At least one of these products should provide the protection your floor needs.

1. Astonish Wood Floor Polish

Astonish floor polish so easy to use. All you do is wash your floor as usual and then apply it with a mop. That’s it; you will be left with a beautiful finish and the protection your floor needs.

You can also use this polish with a professional floor polisher for an even more awesome sheen. One bottle of this is going to last you ages even if you start using this as part of your normal cleaning routine.

The only downside to this polish that there isn’t much of a scent, but the finish it leaves on your floor makes up for that.

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2. Osmo Wash & Care Floor Cleaner

Osmo Wash and Care does exactly that. It washes your floor and gets rid of the stains and everyday dirt without spoiling the patina of the floor at all.

This cleaner is perfect for spilt drinks; it gets rid of the stickiness and brings back the sock sliding smoothness. It is also great to use in heavy-traffic areas of the house where you need to clean and protect the floor at the same time.

It will leave the floor lovely and clean and won’t damage it at all. Even if your floor has an oiled coating, this cleaner will perform brilliantly.

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3. Furniture Clinic Beeswax Polish

Beeswax polish is perfect for any area of your hardwood floor that has lost its finish. This could be places where furniture has worn the finish away or in hard traffic areas where varnish or oil has been lost over the years.

This furniture polish will restore the shine to your hardwood floor and won’t alter the colour of it; it just gives you a totally natural shine. As this is a beeswax polish, it will provide a certain amount of protection to the wood too. Of course, like all beeswax polishes, it is only as good as the elbow grease you add when applying it, but for small areas of hardwood floors and wooden furniture, this is an excellent product that will bring life back to even the dullest areas.

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4. Rejuvenate Floor Restorer

As this is a floor restorer, it’s perfect for heavy-traffic areas of the home or hardwood floor that has been neglected for a number of years. If you have just moved into a house with hardwood floors and are looking to bring them back to their former glory, this could be the perfect product to use.

As long as your floor only has small scratches, you won’t even need to sand the floor. You can simply apply Rejuvenate to the floor and it will fill in the scratches and make your floor shine once more.

This is one of the best products to have in your cleaning arsenal. You may not use it every day, but every time you get a small scratch on your hardwood floors, you’ll thank your past self for buying it!

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5. Flawless Diamond Extra High Gloss Floor Polish

This is a high-gloss acrylic polymer-based floor polish. The high-gloss effect creates a wet look finish which isn’t for everyone but does give a wonderfully modern look to even the oldest hardwood floors. It can be used on loads of different floors including sealed wood, sealed cork, marble, vinyl and more.

Once you have applied Flawless, you can then clean your floors very easily as it is designed to protect your floor for years. If a wet look is the look you want for your hardwood floors, this is the product to choose. It has been used professionally for years and has now come to the home market to provide prolonged protection to homes up and down the country.

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We hope you have found the best floor polish for your hardwood floors on the list above. If you’d like to learn more about household cleaner and other products, please explore our website further. We have loads of articles on here dedicated to making it easier for you to make your house your home.


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