using bottled lemon juice for cleaning

Can You Use Bottled Lemon Juice for Cleaning?

The answer to this question is yes, you absolutely can substitute fresh lemon juice with bottled lemon juice if you find yourself in a bit of a cleaning emergency and don’t happen to have fresh lemons in your fruit bowl.

Why Use Lemon Juice for Cleaning?

uses of lemon juice for cleaning

Lemon juice is an easily available household ingredient that also happens to be an excellent cleaning agent. 

It can be used on tough stains while you do laundry, or as a natural alternative to a degreaser in your kitchen when you’re doing the dishes. It can also be handy for eliminating both weeds and ants. 

When mixed with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice becomes even more powerful. If you allow these products to dissolve together in hot water, the result is a highly effective surface cleaner that can be used on floors and on dishes caked with grease and grime. 

Lemon can also be an excellent way to eradicate marks on glass, including on shower doors. You can simply cut a lemon in half squeeze it slightly to get the juices flowing a little before pouring some bicarbonate of soda on the flesh and placing it onto the glass as the foaming reaction begins. 

Wipe the lemon all over the glass and then rinse carefully. Sometimes a sponge or cloth may be required to remove the last of the marks. 

If you only have bottled lemon juice, pour it directly onto your cloth or sponge, add the bicarbonate of soda and then wipe the glass. The bottled lemon juice should be just as successful in eliminating the marks. 


What Are the Benefits of Lemon Juice as a Cleaning Product?

lemon juice benefits for cleaning

Lemon juice is an excellent way to kill bacteria, and the acid is also an antiseptic and has bleaching properties. 

If you want to ensure that your surfaces are cleaned properly but you’re not too concerned about a hospital-level antibacterial cleaner, lemon will step up to the task!

In addition, lemons have natural oils in the rind that can create a shiny and clean result. The fruit is also a natural deodoriser and will successfully clean your house while leaving a pleasant citrusy smell lingering in the air. 

Bottled lemon juice is an equivalently effectual deodorizer and can easily be used instead of fresh lemon juice. 


Cleaning With Bottled Lemon Juice

Cleaning With Bottled or fresh Lemon Juice

Using bottled lemon juice instead of fresh lemon for cleaning purposes is still a successful method, but keep in mind that it may have slightly less impact than fresh lemon juice would. The fresh lemon juice would be preferable as the acidity in it would be a stronger and more efficient cleaner.

However, keeping a bottle of lemon juice in the cleaning cupboard for a rainy day when you don’t have any lemons in the house is an excellent back up plan and will ensure that your house is looks and smells almost as clean as if you’d cut into a fresh lemon.