How to Dry Clothes Outside Without a Clothesline

How to Dry Clothes Outside Without a Clothesline

There are plenty of ways to dry washing. You could use a clothesline, clothes horse, tumble dryer, or a radiator. 

However, in certain circumstances you’ll need to rule out one or more of these. For example, if you live in a small flat with poor ventilation, you might want to avoid hanging lots of laundry around the house, either because of limited space or to prevent a musty smell! Alternatively, you might not have felt the need to invest in a tumble dryer

Often, a good option is to dry your clothes outside. But what if you don’t have a washing line? If you have limited or shared outdoor space, a clothes line may not be viable. What else can you do to adapt your outdoor drying situation?! Read on to find out!

Option 1: Clothes Horse

clothes horse outside

The simplest alternative to a clothes line is a clothes horse. They’re super cheap, easy to move around, can be used to hang both small and large items and are really effective in terms of saving space. 


Option 2: Chairs, Fencing or Balcony

hang clothes in balcony to dry

Another option would be to use a couple of chairs, fencing, or a balcony to hang your washing (however make sure there isn’t a risk that anything will be stolen or blow away!).  


Option 3: Pulley System

dry clothes outside with pulley system

Finally, a pulley system could be an ideal choice for you if you’re struggling for space or want to reduce the eye sore of drying laundry! They have lots of hanging space, similar to a clothes horse, as well as a pulley system that lifts your washing above and out of the way. 


Things to Consider When Drying Clothes Outside

drying clothes outside

Whichever system you decide to use, always remember to use pegs to hold your washing in place where necessary. The last thing you want is to see your pants in your neighbour’s garden! 

It goes without saying, but check the forecast before hanging out your washing. Windy or breezy days are great for drying, but avoid super strong winds! 

Keep an eye on changes in weather too—if it starts raining then make sure you rush out to get that washing in!

Hopefully one of the options will work for you! They are all simple yet effective alternatives to using a clothesline.