Where to Buy Bicarbonate of Soda for Cleaning in the UK

Bicarbonate of soda has incredible cleaning powers. In fact, many cleaning products take advantage of its cleaning power. Bicarbonate of soda has been used as a cleaning product throughout history, and we are going to start this article off today by talking about just a few uses of bicarbonate of soda around the home.

Using Bicarbonate of Soda for Cleaning

Uses for bicarbonate of soda in the kitchen:

  • Bicarb, salt and water can be mixed into a paste to bring life back to wooden and plastic chopping boards.
  • A couple of tablespoons of bicarb in your sink can make washing dishes simple and easy. You can also add bicarb to your dishwasher to cut through grease and grime like never before.
  • Fill a jar with bicarbonate of soda and leave it with the lid off in your fridge. It will take any nasty smells away. Once your fridge smells nice again, throw it down the drain to give your drains a spring clean and freshen them up too.

Uses for bicarbonate of soda in the bathroom and laundry room:

  • For whiter than white whites and brighter colours, add half of cup of bicarb to your wash. Your clothes will come out sparkling. Also, as bicarbonate of soda softens the water, you need less detergent, so it’s great for use in hard water areas.
  • You can use bicarbonate of soda to clean the grout between your tiles too. A little of bicarb, lemon juice and vinegar combined with some elbow grease can make the grout look like new.
  • Sprinkle about half a cup of bicarb in your toilet, let it sit for half an hour and then spray with some vinegar and scrub your toilet. Your toilet will now sparkle so much you’ll need to wear sunglasses when using it!

Cleaning With Bicarbonate of Soda

These are just some of the reasons why having bicarb in your cleaning arsenal is a must. There are so many other great uses for bicarbonate of soda, we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible with this amazing cleaning product. You can use it to deodorise your pets, take crayon off of walls, clean baby bottles and loads more. We could talk about the cleaning properties of bicarbonate of soda all day, but let’s move on and find out where to buy it from.

Where to Buy Bicarbonate of Soda for Cleaning in the UK

Now, we’re sure many of you know that you can buy bicarbonate of soda in just about any supermarket in the UK. However, buying it in a supermarket is not always the cheapest way of getting hold of this cleaning phoneme. Instead, we recommend buying bicarbonate of soda online.

Most online retailers give you the option to buy bicarbonate of soda in bulk. This means you can save some money, but also means you’re never out of bicarb when you need it most.

So, to ensure you are never missing out on the cleaning power of bicarb in your home and to ensure you are getting the most for your money, always buy bicarbonate of soda online. Now you know where to buy bicarb, I’m sure you’re wondering who makes the best bicarbonate of soda for cleaning? Well, luckily we have the answer for you below.

The Best Bicarbonate of Soda for Cleaning in the UK

Hexeal Chemicals Sodium Bicarbonate

This massive 5 kg tub of bicarbonate of soda is going to be your best friend for ages! It is 100% pure, food grade bicarb, so it’s great for use in the kitchen, but its magic will still work in the bathroom and anywhere else for that matter.

Use it to clean your sinks, drains, tiles, chopping boards, kitchen surfaces and even make bath bombs! If you use it to make some bread, you’ll still have plenty left to clean up the mess that you make while making the bread!

Buy on Amazon

Health Leads Pure Sodium Bicarbonate

This 400 g tub of bicarbonate of soda from Health Leads is as pure as it comes. This bicarb contains no additives, so it’s perfectly safe to use for baking. It is also an excellent cleaner and can be used to make any cleaning task simple and easy.

This bicarbonate of soda offers the perfect way of cleaning your home completely naturally. Plus, you can also use it to alkalise your body with a simple drink that only needs a few other ingredients. Your home and your body can have a natural cleaning easily with this bicarb.

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Wilko Original Bicarbonate of Soda

Wilko’s original bicarbonate of soda is a tried and tested cleaner that should be a stable in your cleaning cupboard. The cleaning power of bicarb is truly on show with this product. You can use it to eliminate any odour you desire, clean your cooker, sinks, tiles, countertops and more.

What’s more, Wilko’s original bicarbonate of soda is, once again, completely natural. So, not only do you get the incredible cleaning power of bicarbonate of soda, but you can also use it for baking if your heart desires.

Buy on Wilko.com


We hope this look at bicarbonate of soda has given you some idea of what this totally natural cleaning product is capable of. To find out more about other amazing cleaning products, please explore our website further. We have loads of household cleaners on here that can help you turn your house into a home.

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