orange juice stains on clothes & carpet

Does Orange Juice Stain Clothes and Carpets?

A refreshing glass of cool orange juice can set you up for the day. But when you miss your mouth and drench your t-shirt in juice or knock a glass of orange onto the carpet, it’s not so satisfying. 

And while the zesty orange odour will make your clothes and room smell fresh, the puddle of juice that’s slowly burying itself into the fibres of your carpet and favourite outfit is a really sore sight.  

The first thing you need to do is act fast and absorb as much liquid as you can. Then you can move on to treating the problem, so your garments and carpets don’t end up stained and ruined by the juice. 


Does Orange Juice Stain Clothes?

How to Remove Orange Juice Stains from Clothes

Yes, natural orange juice and orange juice drinks that are packed with food dyes to enhance the juice’s colour can stain clothes. 

In some cases, the mark left behind by colour-enhanced orange juice can be harder to remove than natural orange juice because it contains more chemicals and colourants.  

That being said, you can limit how much damage an orange juice stain can cause by treating and removing the orange liquid from a piece of fabric before it has a chance to dry and set in. 

In addition to the above, the naturally acidic nature of oranges can also have a bleaching effect on clothes. 

So, if you leave the orange juice on a piece of material, over a period of time the material might become discoloured, and this effect can get worse if the juice-stained item is placed in direct sunlight for too long. 

However, this can be remedied by treating the stain quickly. 

Orange juice stains will be more prominent on white and light-coloured clothes, but don’t forget that dark-coloured clothes can also get plagued by orange juice, you just can’t see the stain clearly.

So, don’t forget to treat and clean the stains away on your coloured clothing too. 

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Does Orange Juice Stain Carpets?

How to Remove Orange Juice Stains from Carpets

Yes, orange juice, both natural and colour enhanced, can stain carpets just like they do on clothing. 

The dyes added to orange juice drinks can often discolour and ruin light coloured carpets, so it’s always better to act quick and remove the juice from the floor. 

And just as it does with clothes, if orange juice is left to rest on a carpet for too long, and in direct sunlight, it can bleach the carpet’s fibres. This could ruin the carpet beyond repair. 

So, make sure you prevent potential staining issues by removing the juice from the floor as soon as possible. 

Read our step-by-step guide on how to clean remove orange juice stains from carpets to make sure the stain doesn’t set.


Tips to Remember When Removing Orange Juice Stains

removing orange juice stains

Remember the following points when dealing with an orange juice-related issue:

  • Patch test any treatment before you use it to remove an orange juice stain from an item of clothing or carpet.
  • Act as fast as possible to remove the orange juice stain.
  • Always read the care label on your items of clothing to see how they should be cleaned and dried.
  • Some orange juices come with extra colourants packed into them. If your orange juice contains these, you need to act extra quick to remove the stain otherwise it could permanently stain the fabric you’re trying to clean.
  • Scrubbing the orange stain clean is a bad idea, and it could damage the fibres of both your clothes and carpet. So, try and be as gentle as possible.