orange stain on clothes

How to Get Orange Stains Out of Clothes

Some of the peskiest stains to remove from clothes can often come from fruit, including orange! 

This is because many fruits are made up of tannins, natural dye pigments and enzymes that tend to create bright colours and stain easily. 

Orange stains can be difficult to fully remove from clothes, especially if the clothes are white! However, the faster you treat the stain, the more likely you are to succeed in fully eradicating it. 

Here’s what to do if you find yourself with a fresh fruit stain.


1. Wipe with a Clean Dry Cloth or Kitchen Towel

Wipe stain with Dry Cloth or Kitchen Towel

As quickly as you can, grab a clean cloth or a kitchen roll and quickly dab at the stained area. If there are any remaining bits of orange, carefully lift them off before they can spread the stain further. 

If the stain is mostly juice, hold the cloth over the affected area and soak up as much as possible while it’s still fresh. Then run the item under cold water until the water runs clear. 


2. Dab with a Soapy Cloth

Grab another clean cloth and dampen it with water that has dish soap or your favourite detergent mixed in. 

Dab at the stain from the outside inwards and lift as much of the orange out as you can without causing the stain to spread. 


3. Rinse and Wash

rinse and wash stained clothes

Rinse the garment in warm water once you feel you have managed to remove as much of the stain as possible. Next, put the item into your washing machine and run it on a cold wash with your favourite detergent. 


4. Air Dry

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The best way to dry an item of clothing that may have a stain is to air dry it. Putting a garment into a tumble dryer while it has a fresh stain will ensure that the stain sets and will be near impossible to remove. 

If you air dry the item and find that the stain is still visible, you may still be able to repeat the stain removal process and successfully eradicate the stubborn orange mark. 



orange stain on clothes

Orange stains can be difficult to get out of clothing, but the quicker you get to the stain the more likely you are to be able to properly remove it. 

Always read the guidelines on the labels of your garments and follow any instructions there to ensure you do not damage the item while trying to remove the stain.