What to do if Your Henry Hoover Smells

What to Do if Your Henry Hoover Smells

If your Henry Hoover smells, don’t go thinking that he’s reached the end of his life.

He hasn’t. And actually, there’s probably a perfectly reasonable explanation why he’s wafting unpleasant scents around your home!

Follow our steps on what to do if your Henry hoover smells, and your hoover will be smelling sensational before you know it.


Points to Consider…

When your poor little Henry Hoover starts to give off a particular odour there are a few things you need to do…

  1. You need to identify what the smell is – a general dirty smell or a burning smell.
  2. Check certain areas in the hoover to locate where the smell is coming from – bag, filter, hose and attachments.
  3. Clean these areas if you suspect the smell is coming from there – bag, filter, hose and attachments.
  4. Replace parts if need be – old parts might be giving off a bad smell, particularly after extended use.

Have a look at what you need to do below in more detail or skip to the section that applies to you.


Henry Hoover Smells of Dirt and General Waste

Step 1: Check the Bag

As obvious as it may seem, your Henry might be smelling because you haven’t changed his bag for a while.

Think about it, your loyal companion clears away all the mess you leave behind on your floors. This includes anything from mud to food, from hair to dust! If you don’t dump the bag’s contents, it’s going to start smelling!

Plus, if you don’t clean out your hoover’s bags regularly you actually start putting strain on dear Henry’s motor!

Henry Hoover Bag

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Unplug Henry Hoover – the hoover should be powerless.
  2. Open the hoover up and locate the bag.
  3. Remove the bag carefully – refer to the user manual for help, if need be.
  4. Empty the contents.
  5. While the bag is out, you might like to check the inside of the machine for any dirt or defective parts. (Not essential though).
  6. Replace the bag with the same but empty bag (if you’re using reusable ones), or a brand-new bag.
  7. Start hoovering to see if the smell has gone.

If this doesn’t work for you, check out Henry’s filter.


Step 2: Clean the filter

Your filter can very easily get blocked up with dirt and this can lead to nasty smells coming from the hoover. Luckily enough you can clean the filter or you can replace it if need be.

It’s important to keep the filter clear because if it gets blocked up there’s a lot of stress put on Henry’s motor, and the motor can also get blocked up with dirt. This could make Henry hoover break down!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Unplug Henry.
  2. Check to see if you can pull your filter out – the user manual will be able to help you out.
  3. If you can’t remove the filter, you’ll have to try and clean the filter while it’s still in the hoover – a damp warm cloth will do the trick. Your cloth must not be saturated in water, just damp! And always make sure Henry hoover is completely dry before you start him up again.
  4. If you can remove the filter, pull it out.
  5. Gently wash it under some hot water.
  6. You could use a mildly scented washing powder to clean the filter too – but it must be mild and heavily diluted. Always check your user manual for further advice before you try this.
  7. Make sure the filter is dry before you replace it.

If you don’t clean your filter often a lot of grime and dust is going to accumulate. You might find that you need to replace the filter. This is not difficult to do, you can either buy a new filter or go to a local hardware shop.

Before you go buying anything for your Henry hoover check what model you have.


Step 3: Remove and clean the hose

This one may not be so obvious, but your appalling aroma might be coming from the vacuum’s hose. Like the filter, the hose will be subjected to all kinds of dirt as it goes around your home sucking up any old waste. So, something could be stuck in the hose and this could be causing the horrific smell.

You need to investigate this by removing the hose, removing any blockages and then cleaning it.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make sure Henry hoover is switched off.
  2. Pull out the hose – see the user manual for help.
  3. Look inside to see if you can see anything – a large sock, clumps of hair, maybe even some mouldy crisps wedged in there for example.
  4. If there is something obvious in the hose, you could try to pull the scraps out – but water should dislodge the dirt.
  5. Run some hot water and allow the hose to rest in this hot water overnight.
  6. Try your hoover and see if the smell has gone. If it has, you’ve cured the problem.
  7. If the smell is still present, pop some Bicarbonate of Soda into the sink and run some hot water. Swirl the water around and pop the hose in – make sure your model can be used with bicarb first.
  8. Leave the hose to soak overnight – this should remove any bacteria, smell, and it will loosen any tough dirt that has collected inside the hose.
  9. Pop the hose back on properly.

You should try and keep the hose clean as it comes into regular contact with all manners of dirt. It’s a really great area for bacteria to set up home in, so it’s good to clean the hose regardless.


Step 4: Clean the attachments and power cable

While you will have looked at and cleaned the most obvious areas, it’s worth checking these areas just in case:

  • Attachments – for example, brushes and nozzles.
  • Power cable.

Attachments, like the brush head, can easily pick up dirty smelly messes off the floor. So, your bad smell could just be aged dirt, clumped together on the bristles. Pet hair can be notoriously stinky.

OR, and you might not have realised this, you might’ve dragged your Henry hoover’s power cable through some sludge on the floor. You might not even notice this mess in the grand scale of things, so just go back and look at your cable.

When it comes to cleaning attachments you can clean them with warm water, some straw cleaners or with cloths (choose the option that’s applicable to your hoover). A power cable can be wiped down with a warm damp cloth.

Just make sure everything is dry before you go back to your hoovering.


Tips to Keep Your Henry Hoover Smelling Fresh

  • You could put some scented carpet cleaner on the floor and hoover this up – you shouldn’t do this too often as it may weaken the hose and filter, but these parts are replaceable.
  • It’s also possible to clip a car air-freshener onto Henry, so the smell wafts around the house as you hoover.
  • You could try buying scented hoover bags or pop a vacuum perfume stick like this one available from Amazon into the bag.
  • There are vacuum discs you can buy to go into your hoover to help refresh your rooms as you hoover.
  • Change the hoover bag often – you could empty the bag after every hoovering session if you wanted to.
  • Clean the filter.
  • Replace the filter, if need be – this is usually done every few years, but sooner in some cases.
  • Wash the hose regularly.
  • Give Henry hoover a wipe down with an antibacterial solution – it keeps your hoover looking fresh and clean.


Henry Hoover Smells of Burning

If your Henry hoover starts to give off a burning smell as you go around the house hoovering, you need to stop hoovering straight away.

Then you need to unplug Henry from the socket and pop the hoover somewhere safe. (Out of the way of children and animals preferably.)

It’s likely that something inside the hoover is causing this problem, and unless you know for sure how to sort this problem out, you should get professional help. If you try and fix this issue yourself without doing research, you could damage your hoover even more.



Henry hoovers, like many hoovers, can start to smell after a while. It’s not an uncommon problem and it can be sorted out fairly quickly. If you clean your hoover regularly, you’re not only keeping little Henry hoover around for longer, but you’re keeping your home free from dirt and bacteria!