Best Smelling Washing Powders

Best Smelling Washing Powders in the UK

When it comes to washing powder, not all are created equal. Of course, washing powder is washing powder, and pretty much all of them will clean your clothes. However, a lot of them won’t smell as good as the ones on the list below.

To find the best smelling washing powder, you have to scour the land, search from the tallest hill to the lowest valley, and you might just find the right scent for your family’s clothes. Or you could just read the list below.

We’ve taken the hard work out of finding the best smelling washing powder. So, sit back and get your washing ready as you’re about to have some of the best smelling clothes possible.

1. Bold 2-in-1 Washing Powder with Fabric Softener (Lavender and Camomile)

Bold is no stranger to washing powder, they make a lot of different varieties. However, their lavender and camomile one is a sensory sensation. The long-lasting freshness that this scent brings to your clothes is simply awesome. Combine the great smell with the 2-in-1 washing and fabric softener power, and you can’t lose. You get a great smelling piling of washing that is as soft as a baby’s behind.

Bold say this as a professional washing powder, and it isn’t difficult to see why. They have crafted something that truly works here. If you haven’t tried this one from Bold, now is the time. Bold Lavender and Camomile 2-in-1 Washing Powder and Fabric Softener gives you great smelling and beautifully soft clothes easily.

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2. Daz P&G Professional Washing Powder

Daz is known for keeping your whites white, but did you know, it can also keep your colours coloured too? Well, you learn something new every day.

Daz has been a staple in the clothes washing business for many years now, and they have provided fresh smelling laundry since the first boxes of the stuff were taken from the shelf. The smell of Daz isn’t too strong, and yet it provides a great freshness to your wash.

Once again, as this is professional-grade washing powder, it performs brilliantly. Get some, stick it in your washing machine and be pleasantly surprised with the smell and cleanliness of your next load of washing.

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3. Bold 2-in-1 Lotus Flower and Lily Washing Powder

Another Bold product, we’re starting to sense a theme here. This time Bold has teamed up with Lenor to bring you one of the all-time great smelling washing powders in the world.

The Lenor perfume experts have crafted the lotus flower and water lily scent perfectly. The scent isn’t too strong, but it makes your clothes smell divine after every wash. They say this smells like a summers evening and the combination of water lily, lotus flower, star flowers and blue forget me nots certainly remind us of a warm evening stroll.

If you’d like some of the best smelling clothes in the world, or you’d just like to be reminded of summer after every wash, this is probably the washing powder to go for on our list, it’s dreamy.

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4. Surf Tropical Lily and Ylang Ylang Washing Powder

Well, with ylang-ylang, the flower of seduction in this washing powder, you know it’s going to be good! You also have lily, the flower of power. Combing these two flowers was a stroke of genius on Surf’s behalf. They smell great together and give a long-lasting burst of fragrance the makes your mind, body and soul feel spoilt.

The cleaning power of this one is also excellent; your clothes will smell and look as fresh as the day you bought them. If you really want to know the true meaning behind “flower power” give Surf Tropical Lily and Ylang Ylang washing powder a try, you won’t regret it.

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5. Ecover Concentrated Non-Bio Washing Powder

Ecover is a plant-based washing powder that takes all of the washing goodness from Mother Nature and puts it into your washing machine. Now, many other brands on this list have looked to nature for their scents, but Ecover has looked to it for everything. Once they found what they were looking for, they decided to make this washing powder great for the environment too, just to say thanks.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that this washing powder smells great. If your family has a lot of allergies, then give this washing powder a go. It works great, even at the lowest temperatures, smells great, and doesn’t disrespect your family’s skin.

Give it a try; you’ll help save the environment and get great smelling clothes at the same time!

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So, there’s our list of the best smelling washing powders on the market right now. We hope you have found your go-to washing buddy on the list above. If we had to pick one, it would be Bold 2-in-1 Washing Powder with Fabric Softener.

If you’d like to see more great household products, be sure to check out the other lists on our website. We have loads on here about household items that can help you turn your house into a home easily.


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