Can You Use Zoflora on a Fabric Sofa

Can You Use Zoflora on a Fabric Sofa?

Zoflora is a splendid smelling disinfectant that has been rapidly making its way around our homes over the years. There are so many fragrances available – you’re literally spoilt for choice! And the list of what this little wonder can do is endless.

But the big question is, can you use Zoflora on a fabric sofa?

The answer is, yes, it’s okay to use Zoflora on a fabric sofa. However, you should dilute the product before using it, and you should always test the mixture out on an inconspicuous part of the sofa. Zoflora may not be suitable for all types of sofas.

How to Use Zoflora Correctly

It doesn’t matter what fragrance you choose to buy from the Zoflora range, there are some things that always remain the same. You should read the lists below before you start using this product, because it is still a cleaning product, regardless of its aroma.


  • Do a test first – use a patch of sofa that you cannot see to test this product out.
  • Keep animals and kids away from treated areas until they’ve dried.
  • It is recommended that you wear gloves.
  • Read the instructions on your sofa’s label before trying this – there is usually a label on the bottom of the sofa, this should advise you on what you can/cannot do to clean your sofa.
  • Adhere to what it says on the box.
  • Stick to the recommended measurements – there’s no need to go over the top with the Zoflora.
  • Wash your hands if this product gets onto them.
  • Be careful!

Do not…

  • Don’t use undiluted Zoflora unless it is absolutely necessary – this is dangerous.
  • Don’t rush with this product.
  • Don’t mix it with other products.
  • Keep this product away from open flames.
  • Don’t use this product on electronics – don’t think about dabbing it over your laptop’s keys, for example.
  • Do not drink this product! – if you do, seek immediate medical attention.


Always Dilute Zoflora


What you need:

  • Spray bottle
  • Zoflora – 1 capful
  • Water – 400ml

What you need to do:

  1. Grab your clean spray bottle – reuse an old spray bottle if you don’t have a new one, just make sure that you clean the bottle out thoroughly before adding in Zoflora.
  2. Put 1 capful of Zoflora into the spray bottle.
  3. Add 400ml of water to the spray bottle.
  4. The mix is now ready to use.
  5. Go to your sofa and find a hidden place to test the mixture out – perhaps the back or another area that won’t be seen.
  6. If everything looks fine after a period of time, you can continue to use the product.
  7. If you see any staining or another reaction, stop using the product on the sofa immediately.
  8. Once you’ve sprayed your diluted Zoflora on your fabric sofa, leave it to dry – keep pets and kids away from your fabric sofa.
  9. When the sofa feels dry you can use it again.



Can you use Zoflora with other cleaning products?

No, this is not recommended by Zoflora. They say so on their FAQ page.

How often should I clean with Zoflora?

There is no limit to how often you can clean with Zoflora. You can clean so many different areas in your home with this product, you could literally clean a new area every day. But always be responsible.

Where can you buy Zoflora?

Zoflora can be bought in most supermarkets in the UK. But, you may not be able to get hold of every scent in every shop.

Have a look in:

  • Tesco
  • Morrisons
  • Wilko
  • Ocado
  • Local shops

Here are a few smells to choose from:

There are loads more and you can see a list of them in our guide to Zoflora scents.