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Dishwasher Leaking Around the Door – Causes and Solutions

If you have a leaky door on your dishwasher, we’re going to explore the causes of this below. Thankfully, there aren’t that many possible causes of a leaky dishwasher door, and in most cases, the solution is simple to fix.

So, if your dishwasher door is leaking, here are the most common causes for it and how to stop it from leaking.


Cause 1: Problem with the Gasket

dishwasher gasket

The gasket around your door prevents the water from escaping. This is the rubber seal that runs around the entire door on the inside.

When there is an issue with this, it won’t provide a water-tight seal, so when you turn your dishwasher on, water can escape. Depending on how bad the issue is, you may have a small or large leak.

There are a number of issues that can affect the gasket around your dishwasher. If you’ve had your dishwasher for a while, it may have simply deteriorated, cracked or broken. However, the most common thing is food debris stuck in the gasket preventing it from sealing correctly.

It is best to have a good look at the gasket and give it a clean. Remove absolutely everything you can from the gasket, and take a look for any damage at all. 

If there is something stuck in the gasket, a simple clean should be enough to sort out the issue. If the gasket has torn or broken, you’ll need to source a new one.

Most dishwasher manufacturers offer replacement gaskets. Just ensure you find the correct gasket for your make and model. 

The owner’s manual of your dishwasher will help here. If you don’t have the owner’s manual, take a look on the manufacturer’s website—they’ll likely have a downloadable copy.


Cause 2: Problem with the Latch

dishwasher latch

The other issue that can cause a leaky dishwasher door is the latch. The latch keeps the door in place while the dishwasher is running and helps the gasket form a seal so no water can escape.

If the latch isn’t doing this correctly, the gasket can’t form a seal, and so the dishwasher door will leak.

Dishwasher door latches can be quite complex. There are a lot of small moving parts. If something were to get in these small parts, it could affect the latching mechanism and stop it from working.

The latch can also break if you are a bit too forceful when closing the door of the dishwasher.

You can have a go at cleaning the latch and removing any debris that you can find. As we said, though, latch mechanisms on dishwashers are rather complex and small, so this can get frustrating.

If you are convinced the latch is broken though, you can buy replacement latches for most dishwashers. All you need to do is remove the old latch from the dishwasher door and pop in the new one.

Don’t forget to use your dishwasher’s manual to find the correct latch for your door. There are a lot of dishwasher latches, and if you don’t install the correct one, it won’t solve your issues.

We hope this look at the causes of a dishwasher door leaking has been helpful. We have loads of articles just like this on In The Wash that can help you fix common faults with loads of different appliances.

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