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Washing Machine Door Won’t Open at End of Cycle – Causes and Solutions

If your washing machine door refuses to open at the end of a cycle, you may think that disaster has struck.

In most cases, though, the reason why your washing machine door fails to open is simple to explain. And getting the door open again isn’t all that tricky.

We’re going to look at all the possible causes for your washing machine door not opening below and provide solutions to these causes.


Cause 1: Safety Feature

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The first thing to look at when your washing machine door isn’t opening is the programme you are using.

If you are using a very hot washing programme, for example, the washing machine door will likely remain locked for longer than normal. If this is the case, there is nothing wrong with the machine.

It stays locked to prevent you from burning yourself. Once the clothes have cooled down, the door will open.

There are several programmes that will keep the door locked for longer than normal, a sanitising programme, for example. Give it 15 minutes or so to cool down, and try the door again.


Cause 2: Water Left in the Machine

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If there’s water left in your washing machine after a cycle, this can cause the door to remain locked after the cycle is finished. This is to ensure the washing machine doesn’t flood your kitchen floor.

There are several reasons why there could be water left in your washing machine after a cycle. It could be that you accidentally overloaded the washing machine, and it didn’t have time to draw all of the water out during the spin cycle.

Putting the load on for another spin cycle should get rid of the excess water and allow you to open the door.

If the load you put in was a normal load of washing, then you may have a clog in the drain or debris filter.

Running another spin cycle may be enough for you to open the door in this case, but you will need to give the filter a clean and check the drain hose for any clogs.

If you can’t get the machine to open, even after running another spin cycle, don’t worry. You can drain the water out of your washing machine manually.

To do this, you’ll need to pull the washing machine out from the wall. Due to the excess water and wet clothes, it will be heavier than normal, so you may need some help here.

Then, pull the drain hose out of the drain and place it in a bucket. It has to be lower than the drum for this to work.

Once the drain hose is lower than the drum, it should start draining. If the clog is in the drain hose or the filter, though, this may take some time.

Once the water has drained, you can then open the door, clean out the drain pipe and the filter, and the washing machine should work correctly moving forward.


Cause 3: The Pressure Switch Didn’t Reset

repair of washing machine repair switch

A pressure switch on a washing machine is what tells the computer that it is safe to open the door. It basically says that there is no water left in the drum, so the door can be unlatched. If the pressure switch doesn’t reset, then the door won’t open.

If you turn your washing machine off at the wall and let it rest for a few minutes, this is often enough to reset the pressure switch and open the door.

If this continues, you may need to replace the pressure switch on your washing machine in the future.


Cause 4: The Door Catch Has Jammed

washing machine door catch

In some cases, the door catch on your washing machine can simply jam. It could be damaged or broken, for example, or it could be caught on a piece of clothing.

In this case, it’s best to call a washing machine engineer to come and take a look.



We hope this look at why a washing machine door may not open after a washing cycle has been helpful.

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