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5 Best Drying Pods for Clothes (UK)

When it comes to drying your clothes, convenience and efficiency are key. But traditional drying methods can be time-consuming and energy-intensive, especially in the winter when line drying isn’t practical.

That’s where drying pods come in. These innovative devices are designed to speed up the time it takes to dry your laundry, without maxing out your electricity bill.

Sound good? Discover the top five drying pods for clothes on the market right now below.


The Best Drying Pods in the UK

1. Dry:Soon Drying Pod

Dry:Soon Drying Pod Dries Clothes Quickly and Efficiently

Capacity: 10 kg
Dimensions: 62 cm deep x 62 cm wide x 146 cm high
Power output: 1000 watts

A good all-rounder, the Dry:Soon Drying Pod by Lakeland features a base fan that heats and circulates air up to 70°C.

The stylish and discreet grey cover traps warm air inside, enabling you to dry 12 garments in as little as 90 minutes! (Longer for heavier fabrics).

Plus, because the pod is designed to hold clothes on hangers, most of the creases will fall out during drying.

On top of that, the space-saving tripod design means that this pod will fit neatly into a corner. And the lightweight yet sturdy aluminium frame allows you to easily reposition it as needed.

Reviewers also rate the Dry:Soon pod’s quiet motor, 3 hour timer with automatic shut off and its relatively affordable price.

However, some have noted that assembling the product was more complicated than expected due to the number of parts. And some felt that hanging 12 items may be a few too many as you need to ensure the clothes aren’t touching for best results.


2. PowerDri Electric Clothes Dryer

PowerDri Electric Clothes Dryer 15kg Indoor Wet Laundry Warm Air Drying

Capacity: 15 kg
Dimensions: 70 cm deep x 70 cm wide x 148 cm  high
Power output: 1000 watts

The PowerDri clothes dryer boasts the largest capacity on this list – 15kg. Across its two tiers, you can hang up to 20 items of clothing within the roomy cover that puffs up to aid circulation.

There’s a choice of useful grippy pegs at the top, as well as lower fold-out rails that can hold several hangers. Or you can fold the arms down for more space when hanging longer items.  

Although we haven’t tested it out, the manufacturer claims that the PowerDri uses 25% less energy than a tumble dryer. This makes it a good option for anyone looking to reduce their power usage and drying costs.

But there are a couple of downsides to consider too. Namely that the fan is quite noisy so you may need to place the dryer in another room with the door closed. Also, the lower rails are rather small and aren’t able to hold many garments.


3. JML DriBUDDi Electric Clothes Dryer

Capacity: 10 kg
Dimensions: 70 cm deep x 70 cm wide x 160 cm  high
Power output: 1200 watts

With a 1200 watt motor, the JML DriBUDDi is the most powerful in this list.

There are multiple non-slip arms to hang 18 items from hangers and an adjustable timer that shuts off automatically. Plus white and blue cover options to suit your preference.

Reviewers report that most items dry within two hours and that it’s particularly useful for t-shirts and baby clothes.

In addition, the pod is easy to assemble and small enough for use in tight spaces. Despite that, it produces enough heat to help warm the room it’s in – handy!

However, downsides include its short lead which limits where you can use it. And some users have found that it generates enough condensation to warrant cracking a window.

Plus, its higher wattage does make it slightly more expensive to run that less powerful models.


4. Kleeneze KL066695UKF Electric Clothes Dryer

Kleeneze KL066695UKF Electric Heated Indoor Clothes Dryer - with Cover, Reduce Creases & Drying Time, 6 Heat Settings, Up to 10kg Damp Washing, 6 Arms for Hanging Washing, Compact, Aluminium, 1000W

Capacity: 10 kg
Dimensions: 60 cm x 60 cm x 136 cm
Power output: 1000 watts

Manufactured by well-established brand Kleeneze, the KL066695UKF dryer is ideal for those short on space.

Even though it’s our most compact pick, this sturdy yet lightweight pod can still hold 10 kg of clothing. There are six arms with recesses to accommodate up to 12 hangers securely, each of which fold down when storing. And the legs are also removable.

The flexible timer can be set in 30-minute increments up to three hours and shuts off when time’s up. That way, you can switch it on and leave it while you do other things around the house.

With that said, some users found the timer’s low-down position inconvenient. And others noted that while it’s cheaper than using a tumble dryer, most items take at least three hours to dry fully.


5. Dry:Soon Heated Cabinet

Dry:Soon Heated Clothes Drying Pod Cabinet - Dries Using Hot Air Fan

Capacity: 10 kg
Dimensions: 45 cm deep x 71.5 cm wide x 152 cm high
Power output: 1000 watts

Another Lakeland invention, the Dry:Soon Heated Cabinet has a slightly different design.

Instead of an upright pod, this model is shaped like a wardrobe, with a rectangular frame and castors for manoeuvrability. As such, it works best in an alcove or against an empty wall.

Other benefits include it’s A+ energy rating, durable two-rail build and quiet fan. But the cabinet’s best feature is arguably its remote controlled timer which negates the need to bend down.

Unlike others, the timer lasts up to six hours, though you shouldn’t need it that long.

The only real cons are its size – you’ll need a pretty large space to house it, unlike corner-friendly pods.

Several users have pointed out that the lower shelf is only good for small items like children’s clothes.

Otherwise, garments hang too close to the fan or get crumpled at the bottom. Some reviewers even removed the second rail completely to utilise the full height.


FAQs on Drying Pods

Are drying pods worth it?

Drying pods for clothes are a great alternative to tumble dryers, with both lower upfront and running costs.

They also take up less space, while speeding up indoor drying and reducing the risk of clothes smelling damp.

Hanging items up to dry on hangers also has the added benefit of minimising the need for ironing. And you can put them straight into the wardrobe once dry.

However, it’s worth pointing out that drying pods typically take longer than tumble dryers. This is especially true for thick items like jeans and towels – though drying pods do less damage to the fabric.

Pods also hold less, so families that do lots of laundry may still need a tumble dryer.


Do drying pods use a lot of electricity?

According to research by Ideal Home, a standard 1000 watt drying pod costs around 34p per hour to run (as of November 2023). Since most are capable of drying a load of washing in under three hours, you can expect to pay around 90p per cycle.

In comparison, running a tumble dryer costs significantly more. The average condenser model will set you back around £1.35 per load, and vented dryers cost slightly more.


Drying pod vs heated airer: which is better?

In our opinion, drying pods are more effective than heated airers – albeit smaller. The reason for this is that pods have fans to circulate warm air and covers to trap the heat.

Meanwhile, heated airers have a greater capacity just like standard indoor airers, but with warm rails.

A common user complaint is that airers only heat the section of the garment touching the rail. If you’re having this problem, try placing a sheet over the loaded airer to help hold the heat in.

Tip: running an extra spin cycle on your washing machine can also help to reduce drying time.



If we had to pick just one drying pod for clothes to recommend, it would be the Dry:Soon Drying Pod.

The reason for this is that it offers the quickest drying time out of every model we’ve featured. This makes it the most convenient tumble dryer alterative.

It’s also affordable, has a quiet motor and generates a good amount of heat, without costing a lot to run.

Alternatively, the space-saving Kleeneze KL066695UKF Electric Clothes Dryer is a great option for smaller households. However, you will need to run it for longer for best results.